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  1. Lord Baccus

    Custom L7 15 Box

    A link to the box builder would help / or pics of said boxx
  2. Lord Baccus

    31 hz 5.3 cubes aeros

    post the T/s for the sub /i'll plot it up in BBp6 and let u know what the results are also ill need the displacement of the sub as well
  3. Lord Baccus

    When Killer Dogs Attack

    i think yall are off topic !!! i shot that video yesterday @ a friend of mines pool party. the fact remains that people have these Killer Dogs that grow up and attack old ladies & babies
  4. Lord Baccus

    18's that work in smaller enclosures

    I have a Pap 18"Moab in a PWK Horn with 6K + dailly and it Loves it =) 2x SAZ 3000d Sundown Audio amps ( Strapped )
  5. will that take 4k rms ??? or is 5k the peek ? im not famillure with the cadence line
  6. Lord Baccus

    Oversized dust caps

    try now
  7. Lord Baccus

    Oversized dust caps

    ??? what do yall think of oversized dust caps, i would think it would affect the performance of the sub, and effect the Sd as well, as the bottom of the sub is cone shaped and the surface would be drastically different ??? as well as oversized inverted dust caps please feel to post your thoughts ;D i have photoshoped out the Logo for obvious reasons
  8. Lord Baccus

    Local car audio

    Iv decided to do a Documentary on Local Car audio here in Louisiana some good some bad some just Pathetic well start with a friend of mine ( Henery ) which is a Wicked Loud install by my other friend ( Alan Hall ) this is the Blo Me Edition Scion
  9. Lord Baccus

    sqaure or round ports vs L port

    http://www.pwkdesigns.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=13&t=1610 Hint hint
  10. Lord Baccus

    Car Audio show today

    Can you believe i finally got to meter the MOAB today ;D I got in the lane and they had the 30sec crapp going on and had a wackass burned cd none of the tracks were labled and only jumped in increments of 5. > i did the sweep and by the time i found the track with the tone my time was up > we only got 1 run... Rippoff but i did manage to get a 149.8db @ 5oHz ON THE DASH.
  11. Lord Baccus

    Custom 12" Sub

    can you believe the same thread on SMD got DELETED for posting these pics ... the MOD there is an @ss... \i was not going to reviele the kind of sub it was but i guess yall allready knew
  12. Lord Baccus

    Custom 12" Sub

    Heres what i did not want her to fall for Kind of SAD what it cost to fab up those covers / they could have bought bigger motors.
  13. Lord Baccus

    Custom 12" Sub

    Dont say that too Loud over on SMD it took the Mod 30 Seconds, after i posted to jump my ass, everytime i post the guy is riding me Bro if you have ever lived here in Baton Rouge LA you would understand / the mentality level of the consumer is / Whatever the salesman @ the LOCAL car audio store is jushing is "THE BADDEST SHIT EVER" !!! I mean those Kicker Comp CVR subs, and RF P1 subs RULE the UNIVERSE, cuss the LOGO makes em tha Shizznett, and OMG the JL audio landed here and bestoed BASS, from Allmighty God himself... according to them theres NOTHING better than a sub with a LOGO, if i had a sub with the Tommy Hillfigur LOGO on it i'd be a Freeking Millionaire 3times over all hail the Logo...