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    Just out of curiosity...

    You guys are idiots if you can't pronounce "infinetly" because you don't say "in-fine-aight-lee". I get the most shit from the people here and on the SMD forum so I'm convinced all americans are IDIOTS! Do you really have to bash me because I left out a word? Fuck you!
  2. RE XXXv3

    Just out of curiosity...

    I've calling it "eff-eye". If used from the word "infinetly", it should be pronounced "F-ih", or if saying the word weird "Figh". Infinetly amazing is just a slogan. Fi sounds dumb.
  3. RE XXXv3

    I'm Stuck

    I had 1500W in my 00 Sunfire GT (90A alt) and the lights didn't dim.
  4. RE XXXv3

    Custom Ported Box for SSA XCON D2

    4 cubes for a 12? That's what a ported 15 calls for. 12" Sealed: .9-1.25ft^3 Sealed: 1.35-1.5ft^3 opt Ported: 1.75-2.25ft^3@26-33hz Ported: 2.5-2.75ft^3 @ 26-33hz opt. Do you know how to angle a box to go from 22" to 30"? You said 4" up, not 8". 30 * 15 * 10.8 with .75" MDF is 2.071 cf3, barely enough if you want a good setup but the recommended minimum is 1.75 cf3. If you want 2 cubes of space you'd have to use an aeroport sticking outside the box and invert the sub. If your seat folds down in the middle, upfire the sub with the port sticking out of the seat and make a wall to cover the empty space around the end of the port for when the seat is folded down. If not, point it to the side & upfire. Personally I would do this - face the sub & port foreward and wall it off from the rest of the trunk using particle board covered with black leather so when you open the trunk you can't see the box and hide the amp & battery in the trunk walls. The box would need to be around 28w * 16t * 14d for 2.5 cf3 using 1" MDF, that's not including port space, which can be from 12-16 square inches of port area (L*W) per cubic foot, and the length will (mostly) determine the tune. Use a box calculator: http://www.reaudio.com/speaker_box/LPort_Box_Calc.html If you can fold the seats down it would be louder and you still get your trunk space, plus it looks sweet. Measure it.
  5. RE XXXv3

    I got the best news ever!

    Positive... I do psychic readings for free, I've been told I'm "10000x more psychic than Sylvia Brown", someone that charges $700/half an hour. I love kids and I'm happy for people who've had and are having them, I just can't not philosophise every major life change into how it affects the world. I'm going to adopt. I've said nothing but truth, I didn't at all say it was morally wrong, stupid, inconsiderate, a mistake, or anything else considered negative, unless it's to "give them what you didn't get", which is what my mom told me, I told her she should of had a better reason. Of course, every person wants their kid to be like a mini-me, their own blood, and I do too. If you want to change the world, it's a good idea to ask yourself these types of questions.... just not after a pregnancy. Bad timing, sorry. I'm born between Scorpio & Sagittarius, I've got a stinger with foot-in-mouth disease, I can't be expected to be passive on the bigger picture. Rat, I get your point. What would life be like if we didn't have all of these awesome people? Don't we want more people reincarnating to speed up the process of reincarnation? That's where I lose everybody, nobody cares.
  6. RE XXXv3

    I got the best news ever!

    You hear that! This assclown, dumbfuck, is a gift from god!
  7. RE XXXv3

    I got the best news ever!

    Mead, You're an idiot because you can't recite facts or read, all you did was say a shitty recycled joke you've heard on the internet, but I do agree, I'd rather have not been born, but who are you to have an opinion on that now that I'm already here? Where did I say that having kids was a mistake? I even went as far as saying they're planned, and that's the opposite of a mistake taken as a godly matter. You said something even worse than I did. I give my opinion on the ethics of having kids and you think you get to have one on the right or wrongfull actions of my father about something he did 22 years ago? If you re-read my post you'll learn that I'm not against kids but I see no logic in having them, besides mildly giving a shit that this race continues, which I don't, mostly because it's so dumb. I guess that makes me a terrorist or something, in your factual and educated opinon. Having kids is irresponsible in the grand scheme of things, you aren't doing the world a favor, you're satisfying your ego, just like you've done. If someone's going to expect congratulatories on a car audio forum (which I did congratulate) because he's having a kid than he can expect a hell of a lot worse than shitting on a thread, he's going to get a lot more of that this year, only it's real and infront of him. You should think before you speak, who the hell wants to read a thread about kids on a CAR AUDIO FORUM? NOT ME! Oldschool, that's nearly exactly what Mead said, can you not even think for yourself? Bursting bubbles... what kind of soon to be father is going to read what I said and think OH NO, I made a mistake! I really doubt his happiness went down, and again to the OP, congratulations, I'm sure it doesn't mean anything now that I've ruined this thread, while the other replys do because you know that a few people approve of your situation and now you can all rejoice in your high-chairs, diapers, bottles and such. Geeked up... I guess that means I'm smart, and yeah, I'm a mammal, what exactly does that mean? Is that like, southern slang used to socially acknowledge that being educated is undesirable? You think I'm fucked up? Look at some wordly statistics.
  8. RE XXXv3

    What to do for 15" Fi BL

    The RE calc is fucky, and more so if you use a second port length. Use a sealed box calc and a port tune calc.
  9. RE XXXv3

    Xcon 18 Vas?

    Grams, inches, miles-per-hour, bumps?
  10. RE XXXv3

    What to do for 15" Fi BL

    Google "RE box calculator" and use that. If you can, point everything forewards. Isn't the bass knob like having a second gain? What's with that? If putting this stuff in one at a time, do the big 3 first. I used a 1500w amp in an 00 Sunfire with a 90A alt, stock battery, no big 3, and the lights didn't dim, so a newer civic should be fine. What's a flatwind coil? Doesn't that add to x-max? Check the site!
  11. RE XXXv3

    I got the best news ever!

    I just don't feel it lol That's like getting a $1,000,000 bill/payment that you didn't agree to, or did you? The worlds population is growing at 90,000,000/year and we still can't take care of the people that are already here. We don't need more people, we're nowhere near prepared for +90,000,000/year (and that's going up). I'm pretty sure we have kids to feed our egos, to give someone something that we never had, and that's wrong, it's evil. Everytime you have a kid you drag an innocent soul down here from heaven to inhabit this horrible place. All psychics think it's "planned" before you're born, it's probably true, but what happends if I don't have a kid? Guess plans got changed huh? With 100,000 diseases that are 1-in-every-100,000, you might as well adopt if you don't want a 'tard, it's like gambling these days. Some things I wish my dad would have "gotten" before I was born is that 1) having kids is stupid and around age 16 they surpass your IQ, 2) I don't want to be here, 3) work on his personality because it sucks, 4) lose the ego, 5) "I'm going to be exactly how you raise me" is only true for things like communication, anger management, and IQ, so if you complain about my anger & foul language, that's YOUR fault. I'm glad this new generation is more advanced, I think when all the 20 year olds of today are 50 they'll still be like they're 20 - stress free, humorous, and smart. Don't have a life-epiphany in the room and pass out like Jung, congratulations. I'm supposed to have 2 kids by the time I'm 28. I'm not going to lie to them. I don't want kids and the only reason I ever would is because if it's true that they want to be here, than it's true that I'm one of the best choices they could make, and I'm sure if I say no they'll move on to some shit parent and that scares me.
  12. RE XXXv3

    in search of a low end monster

    You could have used 2 18's ported in 12 cubes, why didn't you do that? 3 18's sealed, etc... 4 15's sealed even, why?
  13. RE XXXv3

    in search of a low end monster

    Also, 6 cubes each is a bit much unless you want a useless F3 of 20hz, kicker does recommend 6cf3 max though. With 12 cubes you could have ported them @ 30hz, why didn't you do that? Size (IN.,CM) 15, 38.1 Impedance (OHMS) 2 or 4 DVC Max Rec Amplifier Power (WATTS PEAK/RMS)* 2000/1000 Sensitivity (dB 1w/1m) 89.4 Frequency Response (Hz) 18-100 Mounting Depth (IN.,CM) 8-11/16, 22.1 Mounting Cutout, Square (IN.,CM) 13-3/4, 34.9 Min Rec Sealed Box Volume (CU. FT., Liters) 1.5, 42.5 Max Rec Sealed Box Volume (CU. FT., Liters) 6.0, 169.9 Min Rec Vented Box Volume (CU. Ft., Liters)** 3.0, 85.0 Max Rec Vented Box Volume (CU. Ft., Liters)** 6.0, 169.9 [ SoundSplinter Subwoofers - RL-p 15" Subwoofer Information ] Qts: 0.333 Qts: 0.447 Mounting Depth: 17.5 cm Qes: 0.363 Qes: 0.508 Total Depth: 18.5 cm Qms: 4.032 Qms: 3.728 Outside Diameter: 31.8 cm Fs: 23.426 Hz Fs: 27.487 Hz Weight: 35 lbs Re: 3.66 Ohm Re: 6.1 Ohm Magnet Width: 18.8 cm Ls: 5.236 mH Ls: 5.303 mH Mounting Cutout: 35.5 cm Rp: 10.46 Rp: 12.39 Displacement: 0.18 cu ft Vas: 163.0 L Vas: 148.8 L Mms: 290.9 g Mms: 231.4 g Cms: 158.6 u Cms: 144.8 u Bl: 20.76 T*m Bl: 21.90 T*m SPL: 89.43 dB SPL: 89.67 dB Sd: 0.0806 m^2 Sd: 0.0806 m^2 Xmax: 24.6 mm Xmax: 24.6 mm 3.0 cu ft net volume sealed 3.5 cu ft net volume vented, Fb = 28 Hz MSRP: $799 each Single Price: $335 each Two or More: $310 each [ SoundSplinter Subwoofers - RL-s 15" Subwoofer Information ] Two or More: $535 each Optimal Car: 5.0 cu ft net volume sealed Qts: 0.953 Qes: 1.114 Qms: 5.712 Fs: 25.51 Hz Re: 2.92 Ohm Ls: 2.445 mH Rp: 2.81 Vas: 85.37 L Mms: 491.4 g Cms: 79.18 u Bl: 14.18 T*m SPL: 82.8 dB Sd: 0.0876 m^2 Xmax: 38.5 mm
  14. RE XXXv3

    in search of a low end monster

    Your rear tires shouldn't be wobbling, that could cause an accident lol. If you like L7 15's sealed, cool, but there are other subs that would put them to shame in the 20-30hz range, especially in sealed boxes. Aren't they NOT recommended for sealed? I'd like a vid of something that gets really low.
  15. RE XXXv3


    Point everything foreward and seal off the cabin from the trunk. Mess with the seat positions and keep the sun visors down etc. I've noticed that most 1-12"/2-10"/1-15" SPL setups are tuned around 40hz and burp with 8k for 150-152db, so 2k is just not going to get you 150dB. Are you positive you can't fit a 15"? Can you modify the trunk opening to use an 18 in 6 cubes?