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  1. Ok, so what you are recommending is basically upgrading the alternator's circuitry to the front battery because the long ground run eliminates the need for an upgraded chasiss ground. How much would an upgrade from a stock 120 amp max alt really affect the stability of voltage? See what I calculated in my next reply, I'm not sure if I did it right. Well I decided to use the NEM standard to make it easier so this is what I came up with. V = I*R 1/0 awg, V = 120 amps (max rating) x ((4 feet x .0983 constant)/1000) = .047v or 0.3% drop (assuming 14.4v), 1.8 micro amps are lost in transmission 8 awg, V = 120 amps (max rating) x ((4 feet x .6282 constant)/1000) = .30v or 2% drop (assuming 14.4v), 753 micro amps are lost in transmission Looking at it this way, even at the max end of the spectrum which I know my stock alt will never reach, I don't see a major benefit. I suppose when I think of a .3 v drop vs .047 v it has it's benefit but I'm not sure if its worth the cost. Let me know if I'm still on the wrong track.
  2. No, I should have explained this better. I have a front battery with the stock connections. I have a battery in the rear with 1/0 run on both the positive and ground runs to the front.
  3. I need to stop being lazy and put some things up for sale.

  4. ulrisa

    What crazy claims have you heard people make?

    I heard this one today at work actually. "I took out my back seats man and had two jackhammers. I forgot to turn my amps off, volume down, and they like blew all my windows out. These subs needed like 3 amps each man, they were nuts" lol it was hard not to laugh.
  5. ulrisa

    Sealing off trunk from cabin

    I just used Great Stuff foam insulation from walmart and I had great results.
  6. ulrisa

    Ebay credit

    If you can take advantage of a no interest for x months deal I would go for it if you can pay it back in x months. I've been doing this for a while and its building credit, and also giving me things I want instantly . Credit is only a bad thing when you don't have the cash to pay it off before the interest hits.
  7. ulrisa

    fold down seats and subs facing you

    Having experience with this type of build myself there are two ways to go about it. Have the subs rear facing if you are not sealing off the trunk. If you have them forward facing without sealing off the trunk you will experience cancellation. The benefit of sealing off the trunk is that there will be little to no trunk rattle, which also means less coloration to the sound due to vibrating panels. There is usually in increase in output in this configuration as well due to less cancellation (rear wave and forward wave separated). The cons of sealing the trunk are damaging the vehicle, difficulty level, and the loss of the ability to shift the box around in case you need to get to something underneath or on the side. In my case I used spray foam to separate the cabin which I may not be able to remove entirely, but it's an older car that will be useless after I'm done with it anyway. If you do not get a complete seal you will experience cancellation so it is important that you seal it entirely if SPL is your goal (though I would consider this for SQ as well). Facing rear = easy, less time consuming, decent results Facing forward = Pain in the ass, great results. It's up to you.
  8. ulrisa

    Car Audio Condensating

    I had this problem pretty bad a while back, turned out to be a leak in the seal of my back window. As others have stated you should start looking for a leaky seal, or other point of access for moisture.
  9. New Build coming in the next few months. Just ordered 2 Zcon 18's :)

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    2. ssh


      Sweet, you have about 35" in width at the most limiting point between the fenderwells, but you can make the top section wider and be fine. Or wall it?!?!

    3. ulrisa


      I'm planning for a wall :D

    4. ssh


      Then I have very high expectations of you, in terms of metering ;)

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  10. Drinkin' and dreamin' a new system

  11. ulrisa

    This Ship Has Sailed!

    It's sad to see such a great company go, but good luck on your future endeavors!
  12. Starting to feel that Zcon fever...

    1. Aaron Clinton

      Aaron Clinton

      Careful, they apparently are cracking steel. See Lancelot's Yukon.

    2. jcarter1885


      your not the only one

  13. ulrisa

    15" Lethal Injections

    I used to own a 12" lethal injection and it didn't "hit the lows" until I put it in a ported enclosure. If you can find the room to port those subs, they will come alive on the lows.
  14. ulrisa

    EXOcontralto's video of my XCONS

    Enjoyed his build, good to see he is still improving!! Thanks! looking forward to finishing this build when I have the time and money. I hope to make it look clean and sound even better. Front stage needs some tweaking, I need a processor, and electrical.
  15. ulrisa

    EXOcontralto's video of my XCONS

    Hey all! Recently EXO made a video of my XCONs doing work when I was hanging out with him. Just thought I'd share it on here. Most of the comments are good which is exciting lol. Most people don't understand or care that I'm not done and that this was my first time doing any sort of fabrication which is kind of annoying. Function is much more important than "looking clean" in my book.
  16. Exo posted another video of my ride

    , can't wait to finish this system in the coming months...
  17. Looks like EXO beat me to posting a video lol

    1. ssh



      Mine your windshield flexes!

    2. ulrisa


      Yeah, hopefully there will be no roof rippage lol. Thanks Stefan, I love it! lol

    3. emh9009


      Nice video! Zcons in the future? :P

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  18. 143.7 dB on *burps*, 140.7 dB on 30 sec average! Not bad for bad electrical, and me forgetting tones *facepalm*. I brought home 2 3rd place trophies, and I was going against some seasoned people. Vids coming soon.

    1. Sir-Lancelot
    2. ssh


      Sweet, gotta try some tones, and dc is making an alt that'll fit my car, and likely yours ;)

      Videos FTW!!!

    3. altoncustomtech
  19. Haven't done much with audio lately, but excited to go to a comp Sunday. Let's see what these Xcon's can do!

    1. ulrisa


      Thanks! I've been waiting so long to get these on the meter lol. Vids will be posted!

    2. ssh


      sweet, wasn't expecting videos :D

    3. Sir-Lancelot
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  20. ulrisa

    Oh knoes!! It's making noise...

    Yes. I always unplug them and tape the ends so there is no chance of screwing it up again.
  21. ulrisa

    Oh knoes!! It's making noise...

    If you determine it is the pico fuse in the head unit, it can be fixed by soldering a wire over the pico fuse's contacts or by grounding the rca's.
  22. Ordering 2 D3400's next week, I can't wait.

  23. ulrisa

    Opening wine...car audio style.

    Lol I did the exact same thing a couple weeks ago, works well in a pinch.
  24. ulrisa


    They sound amazing, I'm excited to hear other people's opinions at the upcoming shows. I do not know a Jason... I probably saw him, but I'm horrible with names.
  25. ulrisa


    I might go to the one in sanford if I can find a job lol. I won't be competing, just lookin around. I might compete next year if I can scrap up some cash to do my 2 18 build Well I'll be at the sanford one competing for sure, so if you come make sure to stop by my Volvo for an Xcon demo! The sanford show is always a blast, so hopefully you can make it lol.