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  1. kike08

    Fi Btl Popping

    allright i will answer everyones questions later on when he comes over so we can look at it again and ill have pictures up too
  2. kike08

    Fi Btl Popping

    dual 2
  3. kike08

    Fi Btl Popping

    ok we hooked my friends BTL to a saz-3000 today and as we where playing different songs we heard it popping. is that because its too many watts for the sub?or is it just how its tuned. allso its at 1ohm what do you people recomend to leave it at 1ohm or up to 2ohms???
  4. DAMN !!! thats crazy is that an orion ???
  5. kike08

    epicenter ???

    im mexican myself so i think i am able to say this, but its basically used for beaner music only and allso maybe some R&B songs that dont have bass but i think if u dont listen to beaner music all the time than dont buy itll just be a waste of money
  6. I'll look into those. Do you recommend any speaker/power wire?
  7. i'm actually using a sundown 3000d what do you mean it will create issues?
  8. just wondering what rca cables people recommend when it comes to price and performance?
  9. kike08

    Single 10" Dcon regular slot port

    props u got some good skills when it comes to make boxes
  10. kike08

    best head unit for spl

    whell i just wanted to see what people think about head units for spl use? what brand do you think is good ? ... im just a little confused because i went to some car show awhile back and soundstream was there and i heard their demo truck and i noticed that not everything they had was soundstream like the head unit was a kenwood and the EQ was another brand i just forgot what kind and i thought to myself woulndt they wanna use all their own kind of products ?? since soundstream makes head units
  11. fml ! school is a pain in the ass

  12. fml ! school is a pain in the ass

  13. fml ! school is a pain in the ass

  14. kike08

    RE XXX components

    i think like 6-7hundred dollars