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  1. RunninRedline

    Sundown SA-10 Pre-Sale

    What's the BL rating on these? How would they sound for an SQ set-up?
  2. RunninRedline

    Sundown SA-8 Pre-Sale

    Hey guys I'm viewing my this thread from my iPhone so it's a bit difficult to read all 28 pages and I'm sure my questions have been answered already but if you don't mind. I currently have 2 TC sounds 1000-8's. How would these compare? Are these sq or just spl subs?
  3. RunninRedline

    Sound Splinter Dual Rl-i8 setup with pics! :D (Advice please!)

    I have 2 TC-1000 8's (same thing as the RL-i 8's) I would love to replicate this box build for mine. Could you by any chance tell me the dimensions or did SPY charge you a fee?