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  1. dalucifer

    New Box!!!! Dual Dcons!!!!

    If you want to be able to push the box back all the way, max height is 14" not 15".
  2. dalucifer

    Enclosure Build for Brandon (Two 8 Inch TC 1000's)

    As soon as I got both speakers in phase, reset the gains it sounds awesome. I dont like my subs to be to over powering. It blends really well, very accurate and musical. Not the best setup I have had, but it is pretty damn good!
  3. dalucifer

    Enclosure Build for Brandon (Two 8 Inch TC 1000's)

    The concept of the enclosure is to be a super stealth center console enclosure, which was achieve very well i might add! The enclosure has the same shape, size and look of the stock center console seat (with the factory cover on of course)!
  4. dalucifer

    Install for Brandon (Friend of Argent Audio)

    Huge improvement over stock (its my truck). Not to bad for 2 days worth of work
  5. dalucifer

    Pre-Sale for Aura NS 12's

    I am def happy to get in on this buy! It really is an absolutely amazing driver!
  6. Its kinda funny.. I called asked the US amps tech about this..He said its due to the topology of the amp..I said "o really!?!?! what kind of topology is that?". He said ours. Also could not give me a straight answer on how they defy ohms law.. I asked him about the MD3, he didnt know about the fuses inside since he said they were fused with 120 amp fuse (the ones on the outside of the amps only, not fuses behind the heat sink). Dont really know what happened and why they defy ohms law, but they just do.. RF did this to a few people in know also..They just made some ohm lay defying amps..
  7. dalucifer

    My 18" sub.....custom made

    eit teen inchuzz and nuffin less..
  8. dalucifer

    Never ending Alt whine

    that is def a good read..
  9. This is why i hate parametric eq's and love graphic
  10. dalucifer

    Welcome to the IHoP

    You have my permission to..."dispose" of him... <{POST_SNAPBACK}> mine too <{POST_SNAPBACK}> * winks and gives the nod*
  11. dalucifer

    Never ending Alt whine

    tried that aswell....forgot to add that in.. bench tested the amp and it worked also..
  12. dalucifer

    Never ending Alt whine

    Ok guys i have a 2006 charger. It supposedly has a 180 amp alt in it. Over the past few weeks i have done everything i could possible think of to get rid of this alt whine. Change grounds on the HU and the AMP.Changed RCA's. Ran an isolated ground to HU from the battery. Gave the HU an isolated power to an external battery. Seperate ground to the alt with the stock wiring in. New alt power wire with the stock wiring as well. Took the serpantine belt off the pully's to see if there was any catching in the alt(no catching nor was there an play in the alt shaft). Went and got the alt tested today its a good alt. Got the battery tested and its a good battery. The only time that there is no alt whine is when the RCA's are unplugged. The other time that there was no whine was when the HU power/ ground was isolated aswell as the amp being isolated. I am pretty lost now on what it could be...Any help is appreciated...
  13. dalucifer

    Team SSA shirts are here..

    Button ups are complete aswell...They will go out with the t's
  14. dalucifer

    Team SSAudio T shirt pre order

    Also, follow the washing in struction very carefully. If not these will shrink. This is my only warning for everyone
  15. hey everyone..i apologize for being a week late with the shirts..I was having some production issues..Ne who here is a pic of a shirt(its a 3xl so it will look big in the pic)..they will go out monday..again sorry for the delay..(posted this in the pre-order thread, but i felt a new thread would be better) http://img334.imageshack.us/img334/346/10008929ae.jpg