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Status Updates posted by j-roadtatts

  1. Broken DC Alternator, AGAIN.

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    2. j-roadtatts


      So we will see... They are sending me another replacement.

    3. edouble101


      That sucks. Hope I do not have this problem!

    4. REVpuggie


      hope it works out !

  2. Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!

    1. jcarter1885


      Same to you and yours bro, any updates to the Accord yet?

    2. Jay-C76


      Happy Thanksgiving bro!!

      Hope you and the family

      have a good feast!

  3. is waiting for FEDEX!!!!!

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    2. sefugi
    3. ssh


      sweet!, party time :) epic midbass shall continue

    4. liljestrand


      Glad things worked out for you j. Just waiting for mine to show up.

  4. yep, thats 'Daisy". She's good dog.

  5. sent his DC Alternator in for service last week.....

    1. sefugi
    2. Sir-Lancelot


      Did they work out something with you?

    3. j-roadtatts


      waiting on the phone call to hear the final word. sent 1 week ago.

  6. is FINALLY foaming some door!!!! Stay tuned for an 'EPIC Midbass Revised' build log soon.

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    2. j-roadtatts


      Only got half way with the foam and ran out....more on monday!!!

    3. sefugi


      I hate when I get started and then run out of something.

    4. j-roadtatts


      I should of checked availability, I just assumed they had more in stock. DOH!!!!!

  7. is wondering IF DC Power is going to honor my warranty, Does NOT sound like it. The first words out of Kyles mouth was "you broke it" without even asking how long I have had the alternator???

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    2. BanginGMC


      Not cool.. i hope you get it worked out!

    3. Julian


      I can understand it.. you've had it for six months, a ring of aluminum or whatever metal broke.. seems like it would take a hell of a lot of effort to break it. not saying you did but hope things work out.

    4. j-roadtatts


      Things break, I understand that. BUT that doesn't mean the CS needs to suck too.

  8. Come on FRIDAY!!!!!

  9. I heard the CLEANEST midbass ever in a car today

  10. American Carnage Tour review in the IHOP.

  11. doors are coming along.......

    1. Sir-Lancelot


      Cool. Get it done then head south and help me put some 10" B&C drivers in my doors. lol

  12. Come on FRIDAY!!!

    1. ulrisa


      I agree lol. My enclosure and subs will finally be in on Friday!

    2. j-roadtatts


      Lets get that Volvo bumpin'

  13. is still testing for resonations in the door...

    1. sefugi


      is it possible to eliminate them with 12's in the doors?

    2. j-roadtatts


      probably not, But I will get damn close.

    3. stevemead08


      your midbass has almost as much cone area as my 4 subs

  14. Fedex showed up yesterday with my second Aura 12"!!!!

  15. waiting on Fedex......

    1. jcarter1885


      what you waiting for?

    2. j-roadtatts


      12" Aura for my drivers door. They are getting hard to find.

  16. 12" mounted in the door BABY!!!!! Pics coming

    1. Jay-C76


      simply nuts!! I like it!!!

  17. Stuck choosing between the 10" and 12" Aura's?!?!?!

  18. Come on FRIDAY!!!!!!!

  19. Come on Friday!!!

  20. Midbass test box half built.......

    1. j-roadtatts


      just need to cut a hole now.....

    2. jcarter1885


      and next show some pictures, I kid I kid. Have you figured out the new midbass or still on the search?

  21. Come on Friday!!!

    1. Aaron Clinton

      Aaron Clinton

      I know, seriously.

    2. j-roadtatts


      Today IS Friday for ME!!!

  22. Glad to have you here. Sounds like your a stong soul, So keep on livin' baby!!!

  23. Learning, as usual.