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  1. 19 hours ago, Aaron Clinton said:

    My NVX headphones just broke.  Going to try to gorilla glue them back into service.

    I've been contemplating some cans lately. Mostly for listening late at night. How smooth is the midrange/treble on those?

    Good luck with the fix BTW. :)


  2. On 11/13/2019 at 5:59 PM, ///M5 said:

    If you have to move your thumb 2x vs 1x or worse 3x vs 1x it makes a big difference

    Believe me I completely understand. Is painful for me to watch most people do simple tasks such as use their phone. 

    my statements are based on that I am handed different phones at least a dozen times a day. The task is always to transfer an image from theirs to mine. On every device it is relatively the same amount motions. 

    not that I am an Apple lover. As I fucking hated them with a passion most of my life. Based solely just on greed. But I can transfer an image in two clicks with airdrop. Do not even need to type in an email/Number. 

    I say it is painful to watch because most people will literally back out of their photos and have to go to their address book and enter the phone number. Then find the picture, then send it. Not that any of that is the phones fault. 

    so yeah, when their phone is in my hand, I either just click a single icon and send it myself. Or give them my business card with my contact info and have to walk away. 

  3. 43 minutes ago, Godsmack said:

    Doh!!! Too many G towns LOL



    The irony in that is the Eagle/Vail is actually in Gypsum. Haha

    Vail=billionaires (Aspen=millionaires for perspective) Guess they don’t want to fly into a town named after the dirt. 

  4. 28 minutes ago, ///M5 said:

    Haven't decided where yet.  Someplace with lots of green runs :(  He has never ridden a board.


    I haven’t been to Park City but believe has a good amount of green runs. Not really familiar with any of the others in that area. 

  5. I did use an Apple desktop all last week. Truly was backasswards. 

    speaking of my home PC runs windows7 and I’m being forced to update. As they are no longer offering support come the end of the year. So looks like planned obsolescence is forcing me to spend money. MF’ers.

  6. 16 hours ago, Godsmack said:

    About a 2-3 hr drive from Denver IIRC versus a quick trip from the airport. When I went out to see Jared I flew into Glenwood Springs airport to avoid the drive from Denver. Made my life easier.


    You flew into Grand Junction. THe Eagle/Vail one is slightly closer to me. there are two other regionals even closer. Funny there's 4 airports within an hour or less and I live in BFE.

  7. 18 hours ago, ///M5 said:

    Holy hell. $750 vs $200 to Den...

    THats crazy. I have flown out there the last few times and was only about a $100-200 difference each time. Which easily equals out for me all things considered.

    I was really amused by how small the Salt Lake airport was. I did not expect it.

    The Sasqutch Mountains are gorgeous. Are you heading to Park City? 

  8. 20 hours ago, Tirefryr said:

    Funny you mention this.  I've wanted to create some art of tbe same essence for my living room.  I was going to dedicate one wall to each of the 4 strokes for representation.  

    You’ve got my vote. Would love to see a shot when it’s done. :D

  9. A weighted base is important. I am routing steel plates into the wooden base under the hubcap of these as we speak. 
    Had originally planned on an old farm gear for the base, but found the hubcaps. 

  10. 2 hours ago, nigel said:

    My vote is build a tall steampunk.  They look awesome.

    Believe me my mind ran wild with ideas. Kept it simple for the sake of completion in a timely manner though, for gift purposes. 
    The next one I built will be for myself, to use at my job. So on the lookout for parts...


  11. On 10/27/2019 at 2:28 PM, nigel said:

    We definitely have quite a few with the "no fucks given" mindset.

    A lot of lifers with nothing to look forward to, that are young gang members.  Gang politics run the subculture.  Can make for a very difficult work environment.

    And I love Lego, but then I always have, and was a huge part of my childhood.  Now get to build it with the kids.

    And yes, gym time is huge.  It's a great stress reliever.  And keeping in shape for myself and my family is very important.  I also play volleyball twice a week as well, so long as I'm not on shift.

    LEGO for life! One of the most relaxing pass times I’ve found. My 2yo granddaughter is super into them so have a new building partner. 

    mad props on dealing with the shit you do at work. I’d need to heavily disconnect in my off time if I did that.