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    4sa 8s ported or 4 sa10s sealed

    SA 8s ported...
  2. Ray21

    Sub Comparison pics

    Entasi Audio 12" (TC9) vs Dayton Titanic MKIII 12"
  3. Ray21

    Sub Comparison pics

    AA Atlas 15 vs Blueprint 1008 XBL2 Top plates... ID10v3 / IDQ12v2 / Atlas 15
  4. Ray21

    Post your Audio Setup!!!

    2010 F-150 Head Unit: Stock / Ford SYNC DSP: RF 3Sixty.2 Speakers: Boston SL80s Speaker Amp: MTX 275x Subwoofers: 2 Blueprint 1008 10" XBL^2 Motors; very similar to an Adire Koda Subwoofer Amp: Power Acoustik a1800db for now Subwoofer Box: 2.4 ft^3, 35hz Wiring: KnuKnoceptz (MTX RE-Q5 has been replaced by RF 3Sixty.2)
  5. Ray21

    SA-10 SQ?

    Thanks for the info... looks like a very solid driver!! Gets loud and sounds good... perfect.
  6. Ray21

    SA-10 SQ?

    How do you like the Icon? Running it sealed or ported? It's actually on the short list of subs I'm considering.
  7. Ray21

    SA-10 SQ?

  8. Ray21

    SA-10 SQ?

    I currently have a pair of SQ XBL^2 10s in 2.4 ft^3 tuned to 32hz. They're being fed right around 500w a piece. They sound great and have decent output but I find myself wanting a bit more. I have experience with mostly SQ subs (IDQ, AA Avalanche, TC2, etc)... how would the SA-10s compare? They'd be used in the same box, with the same power.