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  1. 2010 F-150

    Head Unit: Stock / Ford SYNC :)

    DSP: RF 3Sixty.2

    Speakers: Boston SL80s

    Speaker Amp: MTX 275x

    Subwoofers: 2 Blueprint 1008 10" XBL^2 Motors; very similar to an Adire Koda

    Subwoofer Amp: Power Acoustik a1800db for now

    Subwoofer Box: 2.4 ft^3, 35hz

    Wiring: KnuKnoceptz

    (MTX RE-Q5 has been replaced by RF 3Sixty.2)



  2. I currently have a pair of SQ XBL^2 10s in 2.4 ft^3 tuned to 32hz. They're being fed right around 500w a piece. They sound great and have decent output but I find myself wanting a bit more.

    I have experience with mostly SQ subs (IDQ, AA Avalanche, TC2, etc)... how would the SA-10s compare? They'd be used in the same box, with the same power.