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  1. matt cusack

    torres box calculator

    anyone ever used this box calculator before? box calculator im having trouble figuring out the port as on my cut sheet it says on a 30x17x9.5 box= 2.05 cubes. tuned to 32.34 hz that my top/bottom port is a 2"x 1.65" cut? i just dont understand this, as this number seems way too small to be an actual port. it is a 3 common wall port as well. any help would be greatly appreciated!
  2. matt cusack

    DMM help!!

    I'm trying to measure the voltage on my amp so i can adjust my stinger voltage meter
  3. Just got a Fluke 87 ture rms multimeter My link I don't know if it is accurate or what but i read the owners manual and am mind boggled. how do I tell the voltage readout on this thing? It says ac voltage=2.5 but i know thats not right. any ideas?? Thanks Matt Cusack
  4. matt cusack

    iphone pandora wont play through hu

    Gotta love that dubstep bruh!!
  5. matt cusack

    48x SA-10s Build

    Where at in NC are you??
  6. matt cusack

    Xbox Live Screen Names

    GT= Th3 SACK COD5-Zombies Cod6= hardcore anything!! k/d- 1.3 Hit me up if ur good I am also on mlg
  7. Can I hook my power and ground wire on my cb radio to the inputs on my amplifier where the power and ground are ?? Thanks, Matt Cusack
  8. matt cusack

    Good LOW bass songs.

    This guy has sum pretty good stuff on youtube lmproductions09.. if u need help converting lemme know
  9. Hey guy's. Just doing some research and was wondering if the deka was comparable in power to the xs? I can get the deka for 225 and the xs for 290. The price difference is great but is the quality and power there aswell? Thanks Matt Cusack
  10. matt cusack

    what size slot port?

    Yea i was recomended to it and without knowing made the box EXACTLY as it was stated... lets just say its not as loud as the PREFAB box i had before.... just a personal experience
  11. matt cusack

    Power Acoustik Amp

    Thanks for all the help guys. I am taking everything everyone said into consideration! Matt Cusack
  12. matt cusack

    Power Acoustik Amp

    Yes, I have some Alpine Type R coaxial speakers and was just looking for something to push them. haha im not interested in buying anything at the moment but if you have any suggestions i'd love to hear them. price ceiling of $175 Thanks, Matt Cusack
  13. matt cusack

    Power Acoustik Amp

    I've gotta do some more electrical upgrades before i get another amp but i was just lookin on ebay to see if i could snag any deals!! but I will when i get more funds!! Thanks, Matt Cusack
  14. Found thisamp while browsing ebay and did not know much about power acoustik as a company. Are they any good? Thanks, Matt Cusack
  15. Don't mean to thread jack but any thoughts on clarion? Thanks, Matt Cusack