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  1. smashedz28

    SSA Hellion D2 10" Subwoofer

    Still available?
  2. smashedz28

    Good android tablet <$300?

    Just budget is all. Less is better but like anything else trying to get the best for the money
  3. smashedz28

    Good android tablet <$300?

    Had an acer iconia that got stepped on. Was an older one and was getting a little slow...
  4. smashedz28

    Good android tablet <$300?

    Looking to purchase a good android tablet under $300. So far out of date on these things I have no clue. Prefer one in the 10" size. Don't plan on anything crazy for it just a solid everyday play toy. Any recommendations?
  5. My sister is looking to add a sub and amp to her 07 charger. She came to me and I showed her a few things. Prices are too high. I'm trying to get her into a single 12" ia lethal injection or fi Q possibly icon. So we're looking at around 1000 watts rms. showed her the sundown 1000.. Too much ($289). What do you guys recommend in the $150 or so range for an amp? Is something of fair quality able to be had new for this price or is used the route I'm going to need to take? Just looking to toss around some ideas and see what others have had experience with. Sub choice is pretty much set. I have a friend with a single 12" fi Q and she liked how it sounded. Absolutely hates how my btl 18 sounds lol. From my testing the icon bested the fi Q and sounded damn good so I would suppose that's a good option too for a few more bucks. She's cheap and knows nothing.
  6. smashedz28

    Weird coil readings...

    I need a little advice. I recently sold a sub on Craigslist. Icon 12 D2. It has literally sat in my garage for over a year. When I tested the coils back in May of 2014 I got a solid 1.8 on each side. I haven't played the sub once since. The new owner tested the coils at 2.4. When wired at 1ohm he's getting 1.8. Can anyone help US understand what's going on? Is it something to worry about? Can a sub sitting do this to the coils?
  7. smashedz28

    FS: two Xcon15"s D1 ohm (pick up in VA)

    If I wasn't broke... Would love these. Bump
  8. smashedz28

    Like-New 18" EMF ermagerd Dual 1 (except needs recone)

    Lol. Good one
  9. smashedz28

    Never is Enough, What Next?

    Been over a year since I turned the box around, maybe I'm due for another try. I've posted my frustrations on this vehicle in the past. Wasn't much help. I'm convinced it's the vehicle. Had a single 12" ICON in there and it was total ass. Turn around stick same sub and box in my buddy's car and omg. Sub is amazing! Sounded louder and cleaner than his existing Fi Q 12". Back into my trunk and it's garbage. Lol. Enough complaining. Good luck with your install buddy. Hope you get better results than me
  10. smashedz28

    Never is Enough, What Next?

    Have you faced subs and port back?Yes I have. This car just is a pain in the ass for me. Tried many different boxes and setups. Taken the box I pictured with the sundowns and put them in my buddy's Grand Prix and it slammed. Back to my car it sucks. If the rear seats aren't down its embarrassing. I have more than one vehicle so I offically said fuck it on this car. So tired of trying different shit and being unhappy. I'm not going to foam it or anything else more perminent to further ruin the car and still potentially be unhappy. I've never in my life had so much trouble getting a strong sub stage in a vehicle like this one.
  11. I bought a micro bypass for my pioneer double din. Grounding that green wire doesn't work on my deck. No idea for your application http://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B00A9AQPUU/ref=mp_s_a_1_1?qid=1429493564&sr=8-1&keywords=micro+bypassπ=AC_SY200_QL40&dpPl=1&dpID=51%2B50XJAJOL&ref=plSrch
  12. smashedz28

    Never is Enough, What Next?

    I've had a hell of a time getting a substage I'm happy with in my 2011 Malibu. Tried about 3 different enclosures and sub combos. im convinced it has something to do with the car. I'm sure my install isn't best of the best but it just hasn't come together for me. I was able to get 4 cubes ported into the trunk opening Edit- I never sealed around my box with any wood or anything perminent but I stuffed 2 sweatshirts on each side trying to fill the gap. Still wasn't impressed
  13. smashedz28

    12" SSA Icon Dodge Magnum Project

  14. smashedz28

    12" SSA Icon Dodge Magnum Project

    love watching your boxes come together. Top notch!
  15. smashedz28

    Gcons in a reg cab f150

    Go outside and measure your usable space. Bring that info back. While your doing that think of what you want from this system. What kind of music you listen to. Give these guys something to work with.