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  1. has anyone ever used a mono block to power coaxials? i currently have two pairs of planet audio torq 6.5" speakers, wanting to know if it'll work ok running them on a jl 250/1.
  2. sorry, i guess it would be a battery isolator i need. all wire is 0 ga and will be working with less than 1000 rms total. always listen to music with car running.
  3. will i need to run a relay between my starting battery and a kinetik 600 in the trunk? if so, what size would be needed?
  4. wafsman

    got a new ride.. designing a new system

    i have a 2002 dodge dakota extended cab and im running 2 15's ported, box is under the rear window line. its 2 AQ sdc2.5 15's and it gets loud, but im gonna wall it and do 4 sa-12's. i think i could get roughly 8 cubes under the window like and like 12-13 walled off. just letting you know that you have the room to do it. also this is with the box being only 15 inches deep due to the fact that my amps are infront of the box on a false floor. Thanks for the info, what are the dimensions of your box?
  5. wafsman

    got a new ride.. designing a new system

    Custom box is definitely in the works. Although I have been thinking about size restrictions and I don't think I will be able to fit the proper enclosure for the two BL15's in a ported enclosure, so I have been pondering a few new ideas and I could use your input. Been thinking about either running either four SA-8's on two Sundown 1000D's in a ported enclosure or running two ICON 15's on two Sundown 1000D's in a sealed enclosure. What do you guys think? As for front stage I have been looking into CDT as a better alternative, thinking about running the CL-41/25 Pro 4" Components up in the a-pillars and the CL-69 Mid-Subwoofer in the front doors all running on a Sundown 100.4. As always, feedback is greatly appreciated.
  6. wafsman

    got a new ride.. designing a new system

    Thanks everyone for all the feedback, its greatly appreciated. So general consensus seems to be two BL15's will be better, sounds good. As far as amps go I would love to go with the two JL's (which I've seen on here for 400-450 used, so at the top end, but still within my budget), but it seems that most on here say money would be better spent running Sundown. I'm obviously biased towards what I've personally heard, which is mostly JL and Kicker, but its hard to argue that I've yet to hear bad things about Sundown. For components, once again I'm onlyl hearing good things about this Bravox stuff, but can one set of components really keep up with two BL15's on a Sundown 3000? Thanks again for all your help and input.
  7. So I just got me a new ride, 99 Dodge Dakota extended cab, which means designing a new system and a little insight from the wonderful minds at the SSA forums. As stated, ride is a 99 Dodge Dakota extended cab with rear seats removed. Completely stock at the moment. Planned electrical would be Big 3 upgrade with 0 ga, stock battery up front and a Kinetik 2400 in the back. Wasn't planning on upgrading the alt at this point, but I realize it may be a necessary upgrade in the future. Already decided on equipment would be an Alpine digital media receiver and some Second Skin sound deadening, yeah not much but a start. I listen to hard rock, metal and some rap. Budget would be 2500 for everything, which puts me at about 1600-1700 for speakers and amps, may be able to go slightly higher if needed, but I'm trying to avoid that. Also looking to go used wherever possible. System goals would be to achieve bone-rattling bass, chest-thumping mids and clean-crisp highs. This truck wil be an everyday truck that wil be listened to everyday. I plan to do some fiberglass work in this project, including the door panels to fit two 6.5's in each panel and the A-pillars to fit two tweeters, or maybe a tweeter and a small midrange. Now the ideas I have running around my brain. For mids and highs, I was thinking two pairs of Alpine Type-R 6.5" components running on an amp pushing 100-150 rms on four channels. For lows, I was thinking of four Alpine Type-R 12's sealed or two FI Audio BL 15's ported, running on 2000-2500 rms. Sub amp setups I have been looking into are two JL 1000/1's, Kicker 2500, Sundown 2500, two Alpine pdx1000's, there seem to be quite a few options here, opinions welcome. Trying to decide on sub setup also, I am a big fan of the Alpine and FI, I've always heard that what matters when it comes to output, its how much air you're pushing and my brain tells me that four 12's are gonna push more air than two 15's, but I have heard a lot about FI subs sounding like they have more than what's actually there, I.e. running a single 10 that is louder than two 12's or whatever, any insight here would also be greatly appreciated.
  8. the planet audio's don't sound bad, but there is parts of songs that completely mute out and i am looking for more output cause some songs the bass overpowers the mids and highs. the speakers are hooked up to an american pro vs-1407. placement is in the front doors and rear deck, but plan is to run front stage only, leave holes open in rear deck and possibly running a custom 3-way setup up front.
  9. ok some info. Car is a 99 grand prix gtp. Electrical planned is big 3, 220 amp alternator (220 max, 110 idle), kinetic 2400 in the back. Sub stage is 4 fi ssd's on a sundown 3000d. Goals for sysem are to at least be able to hear the whole frequency range, whereas my one now has parts of the song that sound like its muting. Right now I'm running 2 pairs of planet audio torq 6.5's. They sound good, but I want those frequencies I'm missing out on while stil having good output. Budget is 400 for the speakers and an amp. Musical taste is metal and hard rock with some juggalo music.
  10. are they really that bad? How will a speaker that is that much smaller give me better sound?
  11. My budget would be 400 for the mids/highs and the amp to power them. I have not purchased them yet.
  12. So the speakers I am getting are the Lanzar MX8124, I will be getting two pairs, but I need help choosing the right amp for them. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  13. wafsman

    which setup would have more ouput?

    thanks for the input, i'm pretty certain that i have decided on a pair of 12" btl's, but i also have a couple more questions though. what does infamous "saddle-shaped" (compliance) response mean? also would it be advisable to run a box that is that much bigger and tuned that much lower (i.e. 7 cu ft and 28 hz) than recommended specs according to the website, or are would the sites specs work better (i.e. 5 cu ft and 32 hz)?