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  1. SacTownBully84

    Requesting comments on my new setup

    get better batteries than them "automotive batts" u speak of, look @ XS 1st if u can afford and if not then id go kinetik, and a great budget batt is a deka...get a few and dont mix n match batts., other than that ur on the right track
  2. SacTownBully84

    1999 Silverado Quad 230 install

    i see them lil alum. buss bars b4 the inputs of the amp,? what bolts did u use to terminate?, cuz i was told it has to be specific cuz alum reacts negativly with certain metals and current running through the two conductors?
  3. SacTownBully84

    95 Eclipse Father/Son Project

    looks good more pics
  4. SacTownBully84

    anyone ever use t3 audio t.600 15d

    i bought my brother 2 12s and he loves em...says they get down real low
  5. SacTownBully84

    Sundown SA-8 Pre-Sale

    awesome, i just got me sum e8's.....i wanna try there big brother the SA-8. i just might have to get me a few.
  6. SacTownBully84


    last i heard they stopped makin recones for them
  7. SacTownBully84

    Sundown SA-10 Pre-Sale

    yeah, i just got mine in the nik of time also,cant wait to get my 3.
  8. SacTownBully84

    FI BL D1 Fully Loaded

    then y do almost all companies rate there amps @ 2ohms if they dote make power as you say? theres alot of amps that do so like the even ur sundown rates @ 2ohms. also 1ohm draws almost twice as much current and atop that ur amp's Efficiency drops alot when ran in 1ohm u should know that sundown has there Efficiency rating on there site
  9. SacTownBully84

    FI BL D1 Fully Loaded

    How much rms for what? To make sound? One watt should be sufficient. No such thing as underpowering. lol read my new edited post i knew someone was gonna be a smarty. thats y i edited my post. i want full potential
  10. SacTownBully84

    FI BL D1 Fully Loaded

    Im Gonna Be Ordering a FI BL D1 Fully loaded here soon and i was wondering how much RMS to run to it so i can select an amp. im also gonna run it @ 2ohms so any info would greatly help thanks also i know there rated @ 1000rms stock but i seen a guy on here runnin a rf t1500 to it and those @ 2ohms do 1500 and they even say on the birth sheet 1700 but im shure thats with perfect electrical and tuned with a o-scope even. who knows im just wanting to get full potential out of a fully loaded BL for my daily driver
  11. SacTownBully84

    FI SSD 12" Flat Coil Option D1 Ohm Question

    A guy at my local car audio shop tried to tell me id damage my sub so i was makin sure. thanks for the help
  12. Hey guys i was watchn sum vids of people playin tones w there subs i was wondering if it would be ok foir me to do so with my setup? i have a FI SSD 12" w/ Flat Coil D1ohm runnin 1100rms @ 2ohms big 3 and just upgraded to a 120 amp alt
  13. SacTownBully84

    SSD12D1 w/ Planet Audio BB1400

    i guess people dont read the subject header so incase others over look i have a SSD12 D1 made by FI and thats what im wanting to pair the amp with im thinkin either the planet audio BB1400.1 or a Hifonics BXI1610 brutus amp wanting to know opinions of each thanks.
  14. SacTownBully84

    SSD12D1 w/ Planet Audio BB1400

    look at the subject....i have a FI ssd12 D1
  15. SacTownBully84

    SSD12D1 w/ Planet Audio BB1400

    any xtra info or input on this pair makin a good couple will be helpfull im gonna order a new amp WED. and so far im likin the Planet Audio BB1200.1 also i have been lookn @ a Hifonics BXi 1610D what amp is better? thanks