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  1. Doing the usual run around to get registered for classes

  2. Doing the usual run around to get registered for classes

  3. Doing the usual run around to get registered for classes

  4. andymcdo

    Masterofallbass's Build w/ XXV Maxxmus

    Your not the first one to say that. Wonder way? I was thinking for shear originality. You don't see 21's very often.
  5. andymcdo

    Welcome to the IHoP

    Reese's is the best candy ever made....period.
  6. andymcdo

    Description Suggestion

    I agree with you 100%. The bitching and complaining was completely inappropriate. I wasn't defending those people in anyway, I was just theorizing on why those people were mad.
  7. andymcdo

    Description Suggestion

    x3 but people should realize that nothing is forever and that Jacob is bound to change up his product lines. I think people were mad because he did it sooner than anyone could have expected, the 2000d hasn't been out very long.
  8. andymcdo

    Tripleb45's Build Log

    Looks great so far, those mid 90s suburbans have retarded amounts of space to work with. It'll be nice to see 4 18s in proper airspace with a proper amount of port area.
  9. andymcdo

    15's or 18's

    Do the job of what? 4 15s will probably do what you want them to do, especially on 8000 watts. If you're feeling ambitious and want 4 18s, build at least a 20 cu. ft. net box. with at least 320 sq. in. of port area.
  10. andymcdo

    J-Roadtatts Honda Accord Build

    Yeah, I have a stock 130amp alternator and I'm not sure if I'll have to upgrade to power 2k rms.
  11. andymcdo

    15's or 18's

    x2, that would work nicely.
  12. andymcdo

    Welcome to the IHoP

    People should just be happy that Jacob runs a business as good as it is and updates his product lines as often as he does. He could easily keep the same product lines for significant amounts of time and instead he updates and release new products regularly. If jacob decided to release some nice components, Sundown would be a one stop shop for high quality car audio.
  13. andymcdo

    I'd like too show some enclosure builds of mine

    the most obvious advantages are very low group-delay and a phase-shift favourable to normal ported enclosures while output is as good as a normal ported enclosure or better. a good flat response , and deadly accurate , disadvantages are a very steep roll-off, below tuning it very quickly has no powerhandling at all and the box is not by any means small. *edit* glad I could take you down memory lane Thumpper That makes sense, that clarifies what I read last night on folded horns.
  14. andymcdo

    Welcome to the IHoP

    im going to need the whole cable. Male and female Its an 05' International Stories is that the previous driver of the bus was playing inappropriate music, so the bus ppl just yanked that cable. And guess what they lost it Hmm, maybe you can go to an international dealer and order the parts you need.
  15. andymcdo

    Masterofallbass's Build w/ XXV Maxxmus

    Try out a couple of 21" Wardens.