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  1. PHATBOi

    Welcome to the IHoP v.2

    Dang. Haven't been here in a long time...
  2. PHATBOi

    New Custom Built MT/Zv,4 18 on McLaren Prototype 3k

    My boy Tony helping me with the recone.
  3. PHATBOi

    Might Finally Install A Stereo...

    Just caught up on the build. Nice updates. Sub baffle came out sweet. Love the invisible kick panels. New age shit right there.
  4. PHATBOi

    FS: Memphis 16-MC2004

  5. PHATBOi

    FS: Memphis 16-MC2004

    $125 shipped / $100 picked up rated at 14.4volts 50x4 @ 4ohm 75x4 @ 2ohm 150x2 @ 4ohm From what I've read it's a very clean and underrated amp. Almost wish I had a use for it.
  6. PHATBOi

    2 Sundown X18 & 2 MB Quart DSC1500.1D Build

    Sealed up legal on the dash 34Hz burp Driver's side rear sliding door open 34Hz burp Sealed up legal peak hold on music, Decaf- Dirty Bass (33Hz) My only goal was to break a 45 on music. Mission accomplished!! Need to stop the flex in my roof and rear hatch. I'm sure I'll gain once that's taken care of.
  7. PHATBOi

    Thanks Sundown for having NO customer support

    But, as much as I like Jacob and Sundown, I do agree they could have packed that sub a little better. I've had X's and Zv.4's arrive with the foam packing crushed inside the box, although I've never received a damaged sub like that.
  8. PHATBOi

    Thanks Sundown for having NO customer support

    The NSv.3's are all built in house. Besides that, all subs coming from China are ran through QC when they arrive. How do you think they end up with b-stock items and the qc fail items they sell in the yard sales?
  9. PHATBOi

    Lee's Avalanche Build

    Yeah, I believe the "shop" that builds the alts is in the same storage unit place as Cande's "shop".
  10. There are still plenty of these left as well. Great deal for the money. I have a pair pushing 2 X18's and they are performing excellent. http://www.ebay.com/itm/MB-Quart-DSC1500-1D-1500-Watt-RMS-Mono-Block-Class-D-Car-Amplifier-Amp-Bass-Knob-/390840333400?pt=Car_Amplifiers&hash=item5affe63458
  11. PHATBOi

    Thanks Sundown for having NO customer support

    Always 2 sides to every story. I'd like to hear Sundown's side of the story before blindly passing judgment. Just saying. Sundown is known throughout the basshead community for their top notch customer service. Myself, having personally dealt with Jacob on more than one occasion, can vouch for the validity of that reputation.