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  1. millertime

    15 Xcon, sundown 1500d , Focal KRX2

    stuff is Sold, you are close this....Thanks
  2. millertime

    ssa subs

    i had a 15 Xcon in my 06 F-150 supercrew..ran off a sundown 1500d. it sounded unreal in there..... it was total love right there
  3. millertime

    15 Xcon, sundown 1500d , Focal KRX2

    i will get some photos today for the add.... no hatch on mine..it has the battery in the trunk to, the car has a supercharger on it
  4. well i sold my truck and pulled all this out of, i have my 93 mustang and the trunk is super small, i don;t think the xcon will fit with out a box... so i am not sure what a 15 Xcon is worth, it still sounds great, it is a dual 2 ohm , i also have the sundown 1500d that was running it, and then a pair of Focal KRX2's this setup sounded great together and all worked perfect when i pulled it all out, prices will be or best offer.. i am not sure what this stuff is worth used 15 Xcon dual 2 ohm 275. plus shipping sundown 1500d 250.00 plus shipping Focal KRX2.. i payed 800.00 used... how is 450.00 plus some shipping i am open to some offers if it sounds to high... just try to be fair.. no super low ballers... in that case i will just keep them... Thanks........ oh... i am 53 years old and like great sounding music, i never just drove around trying to blow stuff up ... all stuff was played loud, but at it best sound....
  5. millertime

    Lantz's f150 zcon build

    those should sound good in there.,. my 15 Xcon pounds in my 06 FX4 f-150 supercrew.. now just add some good components in the front doors and it will sound unreal
  6. millertime

    Outrageous Deals

    ya i can see that with those prices.... i guess i will have to start hanging out here more again !
  7. millertime

    Outrageous Deals

    i just was at the store and seen the Outrageous Deals...... i am not on here alot so i missed all the deals.. i wish i would of got a email or something, i would of bought at least one of every thing ... those where some smoking deals... may be we could get a list for people to put there names on to be emailed for the deals as they come up... or maybe you did send them... now i think about it my email has changed when i switched internet provider... well keep up the killer deals. i will be keeping a close eye on them now
  8. millertime

    T- shirt pre-order

    ok that is fine... just let me know when you do the next ones, i will pre-pay for them if need be... shoot me a pm or e-mail when you are ready.. Thanks, Corey
  9. millertime

    T- shirt pre-order

    any word on the sizes yet.... Thanks
  10. millertime

    T- shirt pre-order

    ok... Thanks
  11. millertime

    T- shirt pre-order

    i am wondering if you can get the t shirts any bigger ? i want to get a few for my boy, But he is a big boy.. he needs like a 5X.. he would be a walking billboard for ya ..haha.. if so i know it would cost more, so if you can send me a price and i will get a few ordered.. it is hard to find shirts for him. so if you can get the right size i will keep ordering shirts from you. maybe one for me to in a large
  12. millertime

    New Location is a GO!!!!

    i really like the SSA box on your site...
  13. millertime

    Need a big amplifier

    have you thought about getting a couple Refurbished Amplifiers from db-r ? he is a good guy to deal with... and you get a year warrinty... and if you fry it, he will fix it for a super good price if you bought it from him... he told me when i bought my saz 1500d that if i screwed it up.. it woukld only be like 100.00 to totally rebuild it.. super good prices to.......... http://www.db-r.com/sell/store2/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=65_67_69
  14. millertime

    State of Hawaii trying to ban ALL aftermarket systems

    i went and filled it out...
  15. millertime

    good read about bass

    Did you down load the free Mathematica player softwate ? then •Download Bass Tone Generator application for Mathematica Player ?