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  1. is ready to build SPL!!!!

  2. is ready to build SPL!!!!

  3. is ready to build SPL!!!!

  4. blueberry992

    here in mid mo

    ok so i filled out my ia dealer papers tonight and sending them off tomarrow. does any one know what comes next when i get approved as an ia dealer? do i get ia point of sale kit " stickers, brochures, shirts etc... just curious what to expect
  5. blueberry992

    here in mid mo

    www.photobucket.com/splaudio i hope i did it right
  6. blueberry992

    here in mid mo

    ide like to make a build thread but i have issues with photobuket but ill sure use other threads for motovation
  7. blueberry992

    here in mid mo

  8. blueberry992

    here in mid mo

    hey im josh the owner/installer for SPL Audio its a small town car stereo business but ive been installing for 16yrs i havent been certified yet but im going the first of the year obviously im into car audio just like all of you i like low, deep, chest pounding bass i also build mini trucks imports etc... building those sure takes the boredome out of living in mid missouri im planning my next 2 creations a bagged s-10 and a caravan for ss1-2 the truck has a solid shell with no front window im thinking about a box firing into the window opening 2-15" and the van 2-18" 21"???? right now its all about the buget and as i save more and sell more ill get more equip if you have any advice about either build feel free and thanks to anyone in advance