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  1. aimone

    RF 12" Punch HX2 enclosure build

    cant wait to see the final product. . ..i used to drool looking at your box builds glad ur back and in good health i had/have a power hx2 15 and loved it.....just tryin to find recone parts im comfortable with
  2. aimone

    Looking for a monster sub

    i run a sp4 15 and only on a saz1500 it gets down and sounds clean and clear doing it. i've heard mayhems and they also sound very good and get down. but if you want beast sub go with some ssa evils i'd even say go with some sundown zv4's just because of that sexy look and monster surround
  3. aimone

    First post. Question about soundqubed

    buy used. sundown or crescendo FTW. or find a blown sundown for cheap and send it to db-r. thats what i did and i've got about $152 invested in a sundown saz-1500
  4. so is a system currently in and bangin? if so imma have to take my buddy by for a demo...he thinks he knows loud
  5. aimone

    94 Grand Cherokee Build

    i feel ya on the kid, bills, and low income. i make 11 an hour and im still broke all the time. i was looking forward to seein this build play out on low wages lol. is that sundown a v1? if so u interested in selling it? i've been looking for another to strap to my sp4 but i dont see many v1s anymore
  6. aimone

    box dimensions for 15 fi sp4

    im running an sp4 15 on an saz-1500. from what i read big power = smaller box andl low power = small box. fi says between 3.5-5 ft^3. mine is in 4ft^3 after displacements w/ a slot port tuned at 33hz. my problem is my electrical its all stock other than big three. i pulled a 140.2 on music sealed on the dash, sub firing into the car not sealed off, had amp gain dialed back due to failing alternator at the time. since then ive got a new alternator and battery but still stock, tuned the amp back up, and have the sub firing into the trunk which made it a completely different animal. its louder, lower, and tearing shit apart. post up some measurements of available space and ill get you measurments of my box tomorrow
  7. awesome im tuned in. keep the pics flowin
  8. theres not a super store for sub parts. that would be nice tho wouldnt it? lol i've spent many nights googling and your gonna most likely be ordering from multiple sites http://www.springfieldspeakerrepair.com/ - they have a pretty good supply http://www.****/ - some people love them some say there parts suck. i think they are overpriced partsexpress.com - heard great things ebay.com - theres always sub parts but not a steady supply from one person. and you have to search and search its kind of a PITA
  9. so hows this thing coming along has it gotten "evil" yet? seen it at his store yesterday but didnt have time to stop n check it out. but looking great so far that dash is sexy. btw good job on the roof lol
  10. aimone

    06 Charger - Fi, AQ, SHCA.....more to come!

    box turned out looking good. what kind of vehicle by chance? im interested in measurements if possible ive got a sp4 15 in a lincoln mark 8 and my box is like yours height wise. made it as short as possibly and still had to kick and pull and force mine in
  11. Yea thats where i got my current battery and even for a blemish its $65. and i dont have that right now which is y i got a $20 used alt instead of having mine rebuilt for $75
  12. ok so my alternator went out which in turn screwed up my battery. i got a good used alternator for $20 and its actually better then my last 2 and i dont want to kill it before i can afford batts. but my question is can anyone recommend places i might try for a cheap used battery? i just need something to get me by for a few weeks till i can get a big battery. i've been to pull a part 3 times this week and they havent had any. any help would be awesome thanx
  13. im anxious to see if goin externally regulated helps. i to drive a lincoln and even with a new alt and new battery w/ big 3 mine only gets to 14.0 first thing in the morning. so im tuned in to see if you find a way around fords wonderful charging system