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  1. Soapbox

    I'm not seeing much IA builds here

    NEVER Fear I am working on a a build with 12 15" IA Li's. And another build with a single 18" warden.
  2. Soapbox

    New Season new build

    Yes it is a GROUND POUNDING MECA build. The wall works good for what it is designed for. Plays down to 20 hz where it still does a 150 at the head rest and peaks at 40hz with a 154+.
  3. Soapbox

    New Season new build

  4. Soapbox

    New Season new build

    Well so far I have taken 1 first with a 152.3 .... which was upsetting it wasn't higher .... and then I did some tuning and gained 1 db to post up a 153.6.... then I modded the box port for and have yet to test but It should have gained at least 1 db. This past weekend I also added a second alt so I have 500 amps in alt.
  5. Soapbox

    warden 18 specs

    Can someone please pm me the TS specs for the warden18 I need them to complete a 4th order build, Thanks
  6. Soapbox

    Who says 2 12's can't do hair tricks

    Thanks and check your pm
  7. Soapbox

    New Season new build

    So basically I doubled alts, doubled sub cone area, doubled current capabilities, tripled battery qty, quadrupled highs and mids, quadrupled highs and mid amps. Optimistically I hope to gain 2 db and drop my freq 8-9hz. Old score was 152.3 at 48 unfused. 148 fused with 60 amps of fusing. Whatcha think IAK bros?