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  1. I8apony19

    Pics of the new proto

    Honestly, you are kidding yourself if you think the Mag needs more power handling. I can't imagine giving it more than what its rated at. It's simply not necessary AT ALL. Try one, give it 1kw and you will not miss that higher power handling rating. I had a pair for 3 years. They are great at what they do and IMO, do it better than anything else I've heard.
  2. I want one back...need it for my newest install.
  3. Been gone for a while....need some insight. I'm ditching my Alpine 7894 for something newer and with more tweaking ability. I've been looking at the following: Eclipse 8445 Eclipse 8443 Eclipse 8455 Eclipse CD5000 Pioneer 960mp Pioneer 9600mp Can anyone share their experiences with these units or whether or not one has been consistantly praised more than the rest. Any flaws, things you wish it had? -It needs a 3way xover or better (wish there was a decently priced 4way xover) -At least a 7 band parametric EQ The Burr Brown 9600mp makes me want it more than the rest. Are there any reasons to not weight this over the rest? Can anyone tell a difference? I'm also replacing 2 (if not all) of my amps. Orions will be gone, and most likely so too will both of my Modded Mmats D300's. I need 6 channels up front (would prefer 2 amps) I need a sub channel at 2ohm final load with 1200w+ I'll do processing at the deck, or the amps....I did the component xover...and I don't want to do it again. Things I've been looking at: New Sundown 2 channels - I know Jacob...these things will be built just like his Linear Power 2.2v....yummy. Downside - 3 amps tho =/ JL 450/4 300/2 - Nothing much to say here really..name basically speaks for itself. Downside - 1000/1 mono block to match is out of the question. Anything old school that basically keeps up with the big boys....ppi art is not worth persuing. Any further suggestions? This is all going in a falsefloor....I'm not going to set a budget...but basically I'm looking at 300-350 for the deck...$900ish for the amps.
  4. I8apony19


    So I'm going to try to make a return after about a year of family problems, blown marriages, excessive school, and a lack of the addiction.... I first want to say hi. I'm sorry I haven't been around. I've gone through hell and back with some of life's more rough situations. I stopped logging AIM for a good while and as such, lost contact with many of my very close friends from here. I have a new AIM name: fifteenfeetoff. You can get ahold of me here from now on as I have it on now for pretty much the entire day. I won't be able to be a post whore like I once was, but I lost the time for a great hobbie I had...and I'd like to get that back. I'll be looking at some new amps come the end of this school year to replace the Orion's I have. I am also looking into a new deck with more flexibility (I've always wanted an eclipse). It will take some time getting back into the mix of things. I learned a lot here..and I lost a lot. I'm going to do my best to get it back with the help of some of my very good friends. Ryan, the car still is too slow. Hollis, your mom says hi. Jacob, pick up the phone already. Damian, I hope you still don't have a Honda. Nick, I have more claws than you do. I'm back female doges. -Clarke
  5. I8apony19

    Sundown Audio...

    Don't listen to him....he's just a kid with a slowass red car....
  6. Come down...we'll get a bite to eat and chill for an afternoon or something...
  7. We need to meet up this summer Jordan...I'll be up at school nearly every other weekend...
  8. I8apony19

    I got a newsletter today!

    Hey...it's an artform.... Bah.... Need to become less busy.....I haven't searched the internet in ages it seems.....these damn threads are too addicting... Time to hop back on the horse...... ...I didn't leave or nuttin...just needed an extended vacation from internet boards....damn school/extracurricular activities are kicking my arse right now..... Only 3 more weeks
  9. I8apony19


    I heard these things go boom like so.....do they come with squirrels, flying gnomes, or the new Ken and Nicky dress up dolls? I heard Nicky's measurements are a whopping 20-35-20.....surely these HAVE to live up to the SI D2 driver....... <-------------------------------I think the doll has a pose similar to this...
  10. I8apony19

    I'm back! :)

    OK....so I took a 3 months extended vacation from the forums....time to get back in to the groove....and sellin drivers! I heard Nick is giving away the first batch.....Who wants a free one?
  11. I8apony19

    Hold on to Your Horsies

    Apparently the reps have gotten my last newsletter...so why no replies? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I replied by CALLING YOU....it doesn't get any more erotic than that!
  12. I8apony19

    Hold on to Your Horsies

    Who is supa C? and how does he know me? Gah...I have been away from the forums for a month or two..basically catching my breath from all the craziness going on......working on school...and coping with other social issues....can be distracting...
  13. I8apony19

    Hold on to Your Horsies

    I bet one of us representatives has an announcement to make in the next week or so Wanna bet it's a good one for all you fans? Nick...make me co-moderator...damnit...
  14. I8apony19

    SI Computer Donation

    Thanks for the donation Nick.... KEEP IT A COMING DUDES!
  15. I8apony19

    SI Computer Donation

    blakpony@san.rr.com for a paypal payment... Whom ever does send payment...will get naked pictures.... of nick. and hollis. together.