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  1. yes , sorry i didnt put that in the original post. but i did that right after trying both my ipods.
  2. i have a kenwood h.u. that ive had for about 2 years not sure the model name(can get if needed) but it has the 2 preouts in back and usb and aux in the front. I was playing my ipod yesterday and all of a sudden it just stopped , so i unplugged it and tried it again and all it says is reading . i have tried both my ipods and that is not the problem, the aux works fine . any suggestions on how or what i can do to fix it?
  3. mustangsub

    SSA Black Friday | 4 Day Event

    i can not wait! i need new speakers, amps and a sub! im giddy
  4. mustangsub

    first build 91' mustang convertible

    haha, hopefully i do not have this temp build for that long. i plan to have the tc by the end of summer keyword is plan though
  5. mustangsub

    first build 91' mustang convertible

    yup back seat! the trunk is literally 10inches deep. i just have to get the limo tint first, and no amp for the other speakers until i get my scion tc. this is my temp set up till i have enough for it. budget is roughly 600$ so i shouldnt break it that easily
  6. mustangsub

    first build 91' mustang convertible

    pics of the back seat,
  7. mustangsub

    first build 91' mustang convertible

    alright this is will be my first build that i have done. i have probably been off and on this site for the past year wanting to get a sub to go with the rest of my system but sadly parents said no. finally got a "yeah its your money do what u want with it" and have finally started to get everything sorted out. first off stats 1991 mustang vert ( 4cyl) kenwood h.u infinity coaxials all round (dash 3.5, door 5 1/4, and back 6x8s) nothing is amplified other than from h.u i have contacted porkchop for some guidance on the box , because it is not going in the shoe box of a trunk it is going in the back seat. the sub will be a ssa dcon 12 in a sealed box running off a re audio dts 800.1 @ 2 ohms pushing 380 rms to the sub i am going to get the knuconceptz 4 guage wiring kit for the sub the flex version getting windows tinted to 15% in the next day or so then i will start to order everything that is needed. pics will be up shortly, hope u enjoy my small build as a first timer hoping to make a bigger setup in the next ride i get.
  8. dcon 12 soon to be bought ^_^

    1. Dan208


      You won't be disappointed.

  9. mustangsub

    just a little overboard on this build

    Possibly play " beam me up" I can't remember the artist name
  10. mustangsub

    can the ssa dcon be wired down to 1 ohm?

    i might start off with the 800.1 or save for the 1000.1. its going in a ported box roughly 1.5 cubes
  11. i want to buy a 12 inch ssa dcon and run it off an re/us amps dts 800.1 mono block which runs 400watts at 1ohm and 280 at 2 ohms. can the dcon be wired down to 1ohm stable or should i keep it at 2 ohms and run the 280rms to it? Thanks
  12. mustangsub

    sub budget of 300- 400 need help with desicion!

    yes, i already have alittle set up so all i have to do is rewire the amp wire and power
  13. mustangsub

    sub budget of 300- 400 need help with desicion!

    damn, i actually might! 115 a sub is a good deal. what guage wire should i get 4?
  14. mustangsub

    sub budget of 300- 400 need help with desicion!

    yes =(, sadly i deal with this with my speakers right now. but my ideal set up right now is an saz 1000d with 2 sa 8's in a ported box.
  15. mustangsub

    sub budget of 300- 400 need help with desicion!

    either two sealed sa 10s or 1 ported xcon 12, IMO. thanks i was leaning towards the sa 10's . is there a big dif between the 10' s and 8's cuz if their isnt much a difference id like to get the 8's b/c they cost a lil less.