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  1. viper167

    Sundown X-8 Work in Progress

    so still no new updates ?
  2. viper167

    Sundown X-8 Work in Progress

    well i cant wait ... im going to upgrade my sa-8's to these bad boys !!
  3. viper167

    Sundown X-8 Work in Progress

    any new updates ?
  4. the fuse is there to protect the car .. not the the wire . it acts the same way as your stock power wire. it also has a fuse on it , wish is located in the fuse block the hole purpose of a fuse is in case the wire gets cut and it touches any metal and arcing .. the fuse then will pop preventing the current from flowing and damaging any other electrical hope this helps .
  5. viper167

    Head unit help

    i would go with an alpine head unit .. really good sound output and simple. also it as an Ipod interface i have an alpine and i love it ! its my favorite brand for head units.
  6. some of the decks have a emergency wire hook up . so when u are driving the screen will go off on less u park the car and put the e-brake on, make sure this wire is hooked up properly .
  7. viper167

    help with port

    so... anyone ? any suggestions ? or am i ok with these numbers?
  8. viper167

    help with port

    well thats the same measurements i got , but i guess i was more talking about compared to the specs the treo website gives out . im just wondering if the setup looks accurate or do i need to make some adjustments ?
  9. viper167

    help with port

    ok so im helping a buddy of mine build a sub box for his truck its a regular cab F-150 the sub is a 12" TE model treo sub it has for ported specs from their website: 1.6 cu ft net ,16sq in vent, 18.5 in long, F3=31HZ so i design a wedge box with the dimensions of : Height = 13.5" , width= 40.25" , upper depth = 7" , lower depth = 8.5" he wants it tune to 31Hz so i came up with these dimension for the ports: two 2" ports on each end about 5 in long know i really not sure if this is right or not was wondering if someone could give me there opinion. i dont have a box building program so i did this all my hand just some math work. thanks for your time!
  10. if you put the model number of each amp we could prob help with actual rms power that each amp can do oh and my opinion that sony 1000 is junk , if its the same amp im thinking about , it really only puts out like 200 rms or something like that
  11. viper167

    J-Roadtatts Honda Accord Build

    man looking awsome!!! i really like this build! keep up the great work!
  12. viper167

    Sundown SA-8 Pre-Sale

    that looks so nice!! thank you jacob for posting the pics! and all the hard work you do for excellent customer service !!!
  13. viper167

    Sundown SA-8 Pre-Sale

    im not mush of a box designer but what do you guys think ? 2- SA-8's on 2 cubes , 1 32 hz slotted port ran by one sae1200D v.2?
  14. viper167

    I Got The Wrong Speaker

    just make sure your DMM wires are hooked up right , the black wire to the com slot , and the red wire to the Volt and ohm reading slot and not the Amp. slot. then just run a quick test. grab a 9 volt batt and test it to see if its giving you a good reading after you run your test , and everything is working good , set your DMM to the ohm setting ( if it don't say ohm on it, it would be the 8 on its side) then grab the sub with nothing connected to it, and on one of the set of terminals connect + to + and - to -
  15. yeah my deck is the cda-9885 with the ipod wire and i can control my i touch strait from my deck . i love that about it !!