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  1. NcHalfrican

    Bl/Bl Curve?

    Can someone describe to me what the Bl/Bl curve of a subwoofer is? I've heard it determines the SQ of the driver.
  2. NcHalfrican

    Bl/Bl Curve?

    Woah! That cleared up alot of stuff...thanks brah. I still have one question though. What does the Bl rating of a driver represent? For example the SoundSplinter RL-i 8, Single 4 ohm version, has a Bl of 15.51T*m
  3. NcHalfrican

    RL-p 18 Port Area

    oki doki, thanks brah!
  4. NcHalfrican

    RL-p 18 Port Area

    I'm looking to get a Rl-p 18 by the end of the summer and wanted to know what is the recommended/optimum port area suggested for it...figured I'd go ahead and play with some box designs