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  1. i got a bunch of fuse clips...hit me up if ur interested...they are at my parents house so not sure how many exactly also...killer pics! cool of them to let u do that!
  2. amatt85

    Julians build log

    the two ports he is reffering to is the 2 different pieces of wood used for the "L" shaped port 18.75" long for the long part of the "L" 7" long for the short part of the "L" hope that helps..
  3. amatt85

    Saz 3000d fuse

    do not use the 500amp fuse....hell even with 2/0 gauge wire the biggest safest fuse is a 400amp fuse....with 1/0 gauge the biggest fuse u are suppose to use is 325 amp fuse... i would do the recommended 300amp fuse (at two ohms im sure u could get away with 200amp fuse) if for some ungodly reason ur system shorted out it would pull more than 300amps and would burn the wire/short the amp out before a 500amp fuse popped...
  4. hey, do you know benhemp, shizzzon or anyone else from louisville in car audio?

  5. amatt85

    RE SE vs Fi Q

    i honestly prefer the sound over the se's to the q...but thats just my opinion
  6. amatt85

    Congrats Team Sundown!

    nice pics/vids man!!
  7. amatt85

    Congrats Team Sundown!

    here is my setup....
  8. amatt85

    Congrats Team Sundown!

    crazy score jermey!!!!! i (andy mattingly) got fourth is s2 with a 148.9 out of my trunk (two 12" nightshades, two 3000ds) ben hemp took first in s1 with a 151.3 (two 15" type r's, two 3000d's)
  9. amatt85

    gain matching when strapping amps

    cool...thats what i thought, just wanted to confirm it first....thanks for the quick response as always jacob!!
  10. im sure its been asked before but im about to strap my amps today... so do the gains need to matched or does the master control gains for both amps?
  11. amatt85

    A True Sponsor and Friend

    glad to see this get worked out!!! you gonna be at meca finals jacob?
  12. amatt85

    Aero port displacment

  13. amatt85

    need a btl in canada

    pm me tripe p's tracking numbers and i will look them up at work... if you ship to canada: ground shipping obviously lowers shipping cost but the then the importer is gonna get hit with a HUGE import charge, mainly brokerage charges and will probably refuse to pay, happens 500 times a day... express shipping usually cost more, but will most likely lower import charges....just a small fact, which you probably already knew... and customs blows....everyone likes to blame ups, but the fact of the matter is they have nothing to do with the package while its in customs...you wanna talk about a black market with the way stuff gets 'lost' or abandoned in customs...its crazy, im leaving $70,000 packges in customs all the time...
  14. amatt85

    need a btl in canada

    i work for ups, in the international department, and my job is basically getting packages out of customs all day. i deal a lot with canada. i will look in to it and see if there are any loopholes that could possibly speed up the shipping process.