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    dont order anything from them...i ordered an amp from them for my highs. it has been about 5 days, yet to ship it. i called to see whats up, guy said it was on back order and said it will be there on wed.i said thats cool no rush. they send me an e-mail that said my order was canceled i started to look for another amp. then they said o my order was reactivated.... sooo wtf dude!
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    is car audio deals any good. they have low low prices, also the only place i can find that sells audiopipe.
  3. steveo50

    My car speakers suck a**

    Can you prove they literally suck ass?
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    been busy with school. may be after tax returns. ?
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    OK, list of goodies SUB AMP: BRUTUS 1200W looking to replace SUBS: 15" DEATH ROWS HIGHS AMP: AUDIOPIPE 2004 HIGHS: IA 6.5 COMPS FRONT AND BACK DOORS ELECTRICAL: XS3400 (UNDER THE HOOD FOR NOW) BIG 2 in 2 gauge This is my daily driver, so it will be my daily ground pounder. Now for some pics gm calls these speakers? the placement is temp i will be putting the tweet in the door. im going to talk my boy who builds my boxes tomorrow for the measurements and all this is what the finished product will resemble
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    icon with hole in the face

    damn the C came off, or did you peel it off? glad no one is hurt also.
  7. Oooo interesting are they reliable?
  8. steveo50

    Blacked my gmc emblem out

    looks good. if you feel frisky, try painting it the same color as your tuck!
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    Blown or damaged woofer?

    idk run your finger nail under the cap see if anything feels kinda lose id guess
  10. steveo50

    Blown or damaged woofer?

    i had my dr for 2 years and did my best to blow it. never had problems loose dust cap sounds strange.
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    SBN March 24-25

    hahah shut up shizz
  12. steveo50

    SBN March 24-25

    ill be there to watch!
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    Well, no more kitten

    I'm calling pita!!! Jp I don't care for cats.
  14. If you are looking at the same site I looked on they have it on back order
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    another craigslist funny....

    strange http://lakeland.craigslist.org/cto/2782887710.html
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    bld9220's first real build

    looks damn good
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    i just got back from a little test and tune. legal i hit 142.3 outlaw i hit 142.8 iirc. just a small update.
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    Sundown Audio SAZ-1500D V2

    Damn 280 shipped.
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    Car Audio Condensating

    they have condensation on them?
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    So apprently Steve Meade.....

    thats funny cuz i can get his ssn and his yearly income and the tag on his vehicle and the amount he pays on the car to renew the tag and any property he owns and any debit he has.... i just dont want to get fired for using lexis nexis for personal use... what an ass wipe!
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    Hows' ADASSA Audio?

    i want a box!!!!!
  22. steveo50

    Hows' ADASSA Audio?

    The prob has no clue what it means...
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    another craigslist funny....

    so i really want that 7k integra!