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  1. ShagggDiesel

    Value of Fi BTL UFO Motor

    $250 shipped today only!
  2. ShagggDiesel

    Value of Fi BTL UFO Motor

    Little rust on pole piece, easily removed.
  3. ShagggDiesel

    Value of Fi BTL UFO Motor

    I will upload those pictures when I get to work this morning.
  4. ShagggDiesel

    Value of Fi BTL UFO Motor

    I'll take $300 shipped.
  5. ShagggDiesel

    Value of Fi BTL UFO Motor

    Ahh, gotcha. Well it was a D2 for sure. It's on the market if anyone is interested.
  6. ShagggDiesel

    Value of Fi BTL UFO Motor

    It has the universal gap. It was a D2 but that doesn't matter now You can get a D2 recone for it.
  7. ShagggDiesel

    Value of Fi BTL UFO Motor

    Howdy fellas. Been a while since I've been on here. I have a question for you all.. I have a 12" Fi BTL UFO motor and basket just sitting at my house. I'm curious as to what I could get out of this thing if I were to sell it. It's an assembled motor/frame. The surround and spider landing needs to be sanded down for a recone, but other than that it is in good condition. I've had this sub for years now with 2 recones in it. Now I have no use and would like to get some money out of it. What do you guys think?
  8. ShagggDiesel

    Best way to seal off this trunk.

    Sorry for the delayed answer. This is a daily setup, but as mentioned, I may compete a little here and there locally just for fun, nothing serious. In other terms, numbers are not the goal. On another note.. I got everything installed and set up today. I believe I was sent the wrong recone. Notes around 35hz to up to 55hz make the coil SLAM against the back plate on half the rated power. Lower notes not so bad unless they are a punchy low note, then it sound like the cone is going to jump out of the basket and hit me in the head. Flame me for this, but it IS a PSI recone on a UFO BTL motor. It seems as if the spiders were placed too high on the former or something? Too long of a coil? I e-mailed PSI, awaiting reply. I will be getting a recone from Fi as soon as funds allow. $200 pissed in the wind on this one obviously.
  9. ShagggDiesel

    Best way to seal off this trunk.

    So there would be no audible difference from not sealing off what I have left? This is a daily setup, but I want the most out of it. I may compete locally for fun, but not a number chaser.
  10. ShagggDiesel

    Best way to seal off this trunk.

    Only problem with the foam, is that I don't want to get the foam all over the carpet of this box in case this setup changes in the future. I'd like for the box to be reusable as is.
  11. ShagggDiesel

    Best way to seal off this trunk.

    Well, this is a daily setup, and I mainly looking for ease of installation. I would just like to achieve best results..
  12. ShagggDiesel

    Best way to seal off this trunk.

    Danville. Roughly 45 minutes south of Lexington.
  13. This is my first attempt at sealing off my trunk. With the new box forward facing, there is a gap on top that is about 1 inch in height, and gaps on ether side about 2-3 inches. What are some ideas on sealing this off completely and still look somewhat respectable? The rear deck is completely sealed off already. The only sealing that needs done is the gaps between the box and the trunk opening.
  14. ShagggDiesel

    Need some advice on sub setup music only

    I will say that the Dcon is not amazing in a sealed enclosure. I had a 10" Dcon on 300 watts in the recommended sealed enclosure and was not what I was expecting. Lacked output and what some people consider "punch". It did blend and sound amazing musically though. I put it in a ported enclosure and it was a night and day difference with output. If you go with the Dcon, I personally suggest a mid-high 30's tuned ported enclosure. My girlfriend listens to country and alternaive rock, and 37hz worked wonderful. She now has a 15" Fi X at 34hz and is equally impressive on these genres.
  15. ShagggDiesel

    Which port configuration?

    I'm in the process of designing an enclosure for my Fi BTL UFO 12. I've drawn up two different designs with the only difference being the way the port is constructed. I've seen it done both ways, but I am unsure which would be most beneficial in my situation. Each design is 2.85ft^3 net tuned to 33hz for a front firing setup sealed from the trunk of a 99 Pontiac Grand Am. Does anyone have any experience/input on which would work best for me as far as loading, port noise etc.?Please use "left design" and "right design" when referencing for clarity as I am unsure what to call each one specifically. Note: I will not be adding any 45's within the port, but each edge will be rounded over with a router. I will add 45's within the chamber where necessary though.