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  1. AirLFTN

    SSA welcomes Crescendo Audio to the forum and store.

    LaFountain Design has been retained to build the new crescendo site Just about to get started on that.
  2. I am sure that wont take to long.
  3. AirLFTN

    shipping on a subwoofer?????

    It tips the scales at around 80lbs. UPS is out of control with rates these days, that is out of our hands. Sorry.
  4. AirLFTN

    2012 Team SSA SBN results.

    Hard to tell really with everyone doing different classes and different mic configurations... I will be home (finally) tonight and plan on whipping together at least one video of many other epic videos to come. Alomg with a new look for the homepage showcasing our team!
  5. AirLFTN

    Thank you aaron and mark

    No problem. A big thanks to Emily (my girl) as it was her that pushed us to do it.
  6. AirLFTN


    Thank you sir.
  7. AirLFTN


    Great to hear. How loud do you think they are in comparison to your last set up? Glad you like them
  8. This aught to wake things up a bit.
  9. AirLFTN

    Ssa Sunday - Monday sale!

    Good to know, thanks
  10. AirLFTN

    SBN March 24-25

    Hopefully with some ZCONs
  11. AirLFTN

    New Video 2011 Team SSAudio Mustang! 1080p!

    Great video, what kind of camera are you using?
  12. AirLFTN

    ZCON 15 enclosure build log

    That port looks monsterous, curious about port placement also.
  13. AirLFTN

    Fi SP4

    Sarcasm is fun sometimes...
  14. AirLFTN

    Julian's Picture(s) a day thread

    I do believe it was and accident.
  15. Great night photos, ill be sure and sdd those to your page. Very nice video, would love to know what type of camera and lense they used. Looks very professional.