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  1. chrisommer

    RD Sonance V.2

    Just acquired (2) RD Sonance v2 10's. Does any body know what the recommended box specs are? Plan on running ported, thought id see if any one had them and / or could help me out. Thanks
  2. Just wanted to drop in and see how you were doing bro?

  3. hey bro!

    hows it going?

  4. chrisommer

    Boss REV C1055 made by ZED

    Picked this up off of Craigslist, turned out it was a guy I went to school with. I will be putting it in my GF's jeep powering my old ID ctx65cs components. Also bought her a reconed SA 8. I put a "dove" logo on it, she has a similar tattoo. It will be replacing (2) old Infinity reference 12's she bought awhile ago. build log coming soon...
  5. chrisommer

    IA woofer spec sheet?

    have you received the Death Row 12 yet? would love to hear a review on it, you do not hear much about the DR
  6. chrisommer

    New Camera

    Canon Direct Store- PowerShot SX210IS Black Canon Direct Store- PowerShot SD3500 IS Black I have been really happy with my canon. I am sure you can find a better deal on a canon somewhere other than the direct site.
  7. How about 1 Xcon in a ported box? $379.00 before shipping and your amp would power it just fine.
  8. chrisommer

    alpine 6.5s

    my girl friend had Type S 6.5's and I agree they blow cock, now if i could only get her to...
  9. chrisommer

    Got my New 12 Q Installed = WOW

    Swweeeeeeet glad you like it... Any pics or videos?
  10. chrisommer

    Hello from IN

    Welcome from INDY
  11. chrisommer

    Fifteen inch nightshade

    Swweeeeet! how are you enjoying the extra cone area? pics and or video if possible!
  12. chrisommer

    mikey's OFFICIAL build log

    Yeah I live in Indianapolis. Should pound pretty hard!
  13. chrisommer

    Fi BTL 22? IB22?

    90 grand up front and we'll start talking $90,000!!!!! Is that per sub!?!? That's for you to put down to be serious...way too many tire kickers in this world. If you have the money..i'll make the time. $90,000 better get me 23" ATLEAST.
  14. chrisommer

    mikey's OFFICIAL build log

    What shop to you go to in Indiana? Should be a nice setup!