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  1. Slammin' the hell out of his blazer, fellow basshead Teamthy Decenty shows us how he gets down with his new Crescendo Audio bass amps! Sitting on 4 BC5500's and 4 18" EVIL's from Sound Solutions Audio, this thing was BRUTAL! Come check out the madness from Slamfest Car and Truck Show this year! THANKS FOR WATCHING! Justin's Crazy 16 Volt Sound System Setup 4 18" SSA EVIL Series Subwoofers Four Crescendo Audio BC5500d Bass Amps 1 Crescendo Symphony Series 800.4 Amplifier 1 Taramps 3k Mids & Highs Amp 2 10" & 2 15" Peavy Black Widow Speakers 2 Crescendo FT1 Super Tweeters 2 Peavy Triflex Horn Tweets 2 OHIO Generator High Output Alternators 11 Shuriken 16 Volt Car Audio Batteries Two Optima Redtop 12 Volt Batteries https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MqW3wmF5ccM&list=PL3A1A8C3196BD02F2
  2. Borderline BASS TORTURE!!! Zack Metts shows us what his van can do with 6 Crescendo Audio 5500's on 12 15" ZCON subs from Sound Solutions Audio! Stacked up with 30 Xs Power batteries, don't miss this beast choking people out, and crackin' some skulls on today's new YouTube video! Tag your friends and I'll see you at the next Slamfest Car and Truck Show Zack Metts' EXTREME 163 Decibel Sound System 12 15" SSA ZCON Series Subwoofers Walled 4th Order Bandpass Enclosure 6 Crescendo Audio BC5500 Bass Amps 2 Crescendo Audio C1600.2 2 Channel Amps 30 XS Power XP1000 Car Audio Batteries 2 Ohio Generator High Output Alternators Back to Back Two Time Lightweight Bass Boxing World Champion Back to Back Two Time SUPER Lightweight Bass Boxing World Champ
  3. Now this was one INTENSE bass demo! The damn doors were flappin' like a pair of angry birds! Definitely a great sounding setup - Check out Tyler Kirby's 4 15" EVIL's doing damage! Filmed at the Slamfest Car And Truck Show 2014, this system was a sure crowd pleaser!! (stinkin' thumbnail though, they are 15's) THANKS FOR WATCHING! Tyler Kirby's System Setup 4 15" SSA EVIL Series Subwoofers 2 Crescendo Audio BC5500 Bass Amps 3 8" Crescendo Audio PWX Speakers 1 Alpine PDX 4.150 4 Channel Amplifier 11 16v XS Power Car Audio Batteries RUNNING ONLY BATTERIES IN THIS VIDEO! Flat Wall Sub Enclosure Tuned For Music
  4. EXOcontralto

    Welcome Exo Contralto to his new Section at SSA!

    Not this time around, wish I was though! Just another way of telling people about SSA and the forums - showing them an easy way to check out more car audio material while also getting new members to join up
  5. EXOcontralto

    Welcome Exo Contralto to his new Section at SSA!

    Thanks for the warm welcome everyone - Was great talking to our man Mark down at slamfest, I'm looking forward to sharing some badass videos and hanging around the forum again!