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  1. Wackzirth88

    first ht system...period advice and suggestions please

    Could I build two different sub boxes, one tuned for each then just plug whichever ever one in for its specific purpose then just adjust the subsonic filter? His set up does pretty well with movies as well but that's subjective and I'm def a noob so.
  2. Wackzirth88

    first ht system...period advice and suggestions please

    Honestly no idea... Looking for advice plain and simple. I'll build the boxes if that's the best option but if preloaded equipment is ample that's super cool. I want it to be a loud surround system for movies with the ability to kill it on music, I'm sure I'll use it for music more, I enjoy jamming; loud as f*ck a lot lol. I'll post up my living room layout/ 1st floor layout if necessary tomorrow. My dad has a denon receiver(idk how many channels or watts) pushing two yahama towers that consist of 2-6 1/2" components, a large tweeter and a 15 in each each with a few 6 1/2, maybe 5 1/4 satellites around the his living room and its f'n amazing. Loud, clear, and flexes the entire house; you can't sit a drink on the coffee tables while its going at it lol. His living room is huge tho like 13-15x20ish+....mine is half the size, and he's been setting it up/upgrading for some time.
  3. Wackzirth88

    first ht system...period advice and suggestions please

    Car audio* sub*... Sorry for the lack of good proof reading lol
  4. Looking to get my first home theater system. I think I'd like to run a 5.1, I really have no experience in this field. All my previous focus has been on cast audio. I'd like some serious bass and clarity on the mids and highs. My house is well insulated and a good distance from my neighbors, town of 3000.... I'm in no rush to get the equipment, so I can stack up some coin to get it. I'd like to run two 15s or 18s for bass but I'm looking for reasons why I would or wouldn't like such. Are low power car sib audio equiptment more econimalical? I enjoy primarily rap but do listen to a lot of alt rock, nothing metal or anything in that direction. As for overall budget I'd say 500-1000 bones... I want quality that'll satisfy my novice needs for a few years...
  5. Wackzirth88

    Wtb sound deadener

    SDS sells b-stock tiles cheap and work great
  6. Wackzirth88

    recone question...18" SSA Icon

    Finished... Thanks lithium
  7. Wackzirth88

    recone question...18" SSA Icon

    I took the terminal off the 12" frame
  8. Wackzirth88

    recone question...18" SSA Icon

    I over cranked down the little nut and snapped the stud. Only on one tho....I could try to get the set off the 12" basket. Or could I epoxy that one on? But if I want to go ahead with direct leads what's my best route on soldering? Torch or solder gun?
  9. Wackzirth88

    recone question...18" SSA Icon

    I f'd the terminals up, I'm going to attempt direct leads,well my dad is going to. I have sky high 8 gauge. How long should I make them and still use the 60/40 lead solder?
  10. Wackzirth88

    recone question...18" SSA Icon

    Completely loose, not stitched to the spider. Its not in front of me at the moment but I believe it comes directly off the bottom of the cone/ top of the former if my terminology is correct.
  11. Wackzirth88

    recone question...18" SSA Icon

    What's the best solder I should use?
  12. Just finishing my first recone, changed my 12" icon to an 18. Everything is done except soldering the leads... They're not sandwiched leads; but the loose leads with the pad on the cone to prevent tinsel slap. The tinsel leads seem really long. How much slack should I leave?
  13. Wackzirth88

    WTT - Fi BL 15" and RF T-1000bd

    Almost a year old thread bud....probably better off pm'ing him as I doubt he keeps checking it. Probably an unrealistic inquiry
  14. Wackzirth88

    Sub Comparison pics

    SSA Icon vs Fi SSD (12s) Classic drill slip on the ssd; amazing goop still holding strong Old school orion hcca with tc-9 motor. The rubber boot off its magnet looks good on my icon lol
  15. Wackzirth88

    Fi ssd d2 12