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  1. BanginGMC

    BanginGMC's Build Log | The Rebuild

    Planning on it after I finish everything No loud exhaust though
  2. BanginGMC

    They found my car!

    I smell troll
  3. BanginGMC

    which would be louder???

    BTL N2
  4. BanginGMC

    From 1 18 to 2 18's

    Subs forward, port up. Subs up, port up. May want to consider tuning higher if you want to get serious about competing.
  5. BanginGMC

    Anyone know where the hell TEJCURRENT is?

    He was just over my house for a few beers.. If only I woulda seen this thread earlier..
  6. BanginGMC

    I have no clue, just lost a coil

    I've seen this truck before, you are on S-10forum right? Vid looks good!
  7. BanginGMC

    2001 Chevy Astro....Custom Install!

    Lookin' good!!!!!!
  8. BanginGMC

    Brainstorm Daydream... RIP! 25Hz tapped horn for van

    I think you shouldn't tell another man how to raise his kids, who the fuck are you to say that?
  9. BanginGMC

    Faulty Product v2

    not even worth it
  10. What's the biggest alternator you offer for a 1992 S-10 V6 2.8L? Please include price with reply.
  11. BanginGMC

    Faulty Product

    Charger turns green after seconds connected to battery... this is the second one (first one was broke as well) The battery in the video is new Here's a video - picture quality will improve once youtube is done processing And why did my battery come back with a dent covered in some black shit and scuffed up? (obviously it wasn't shipping because there wouldn't be a black residue) I pay good money for these products and when I get them shipped back to me beat to hell it makes me question what kind of company you are.
  12. BanginGMC

    Just Joined a Gym and need Some Advice.

    Sweet tea has just as much sugar as soda.
  13. I gave my cap to... oh wait, I never bought one.
  14. BanginGMC

    Looking to upgrade

  15. BanginGMC

    Security Film

    Lol I can get into any ones shit regardless of the alarm or tint
  16. BanginGMC

    BanginGMC's Build Log | The Rebuild

    They're going to look even better installed
  17. BanginGMC

    BanginGMC's Build Log | The Rebuild

    Oh, I almost forgot! There is going to be a GRIP load of more batteries once they are in stock and a lot more goodies, i'll leak info when the time comes. This truck is going to wake the fuck UP!
  18. BanginGMC

    1999 Tahoe SAE1200 on 2 12" Fi Q's

    Instead of replacing the battery under the hood I would add one to the rear.
  19. BanginGMC

    BanginGMC's Build Log | The Rebuild

    There is a lot of things going on. Whole new front end, rear end gear being changed to a higher gear, front stage being complete, truck being bagged, and most likely a whole different install with a lot more power compared to what I have now. Stay tuned!
  20. BanginGMC

    Looking for a new setup. Ideas?

    I have one for their office in virginia? If FI doesn't, AA does lol
  21. BanginGMC

    Home audio in a car?

    "Hey cousin, do you smell something burning?" "....oh fuck"
  22. BanginGMC

    Fi vs jl

    Agreed. However, we're talking about 4 12's designed for accuracy, in sealed boxes versus 2 ported BTL's. IMO it's obvious who wins if loudness is the only concern. It is real obvious that BTLs are going to have more output, they're well designed drivers. It was pointless to type it in my post though, because every member of the forum will lol
  23. BanginGMC

    06 Lincoln Navigator- RF & some 18s

    The HIDs are low beam, then halogen high beams? When you thinking about getting sound deadener? I can get you that discount, no middle man tax bullshit.
  24. BanginGMC

    Fi vs jl

    I heard 4 W6s in a trail blazer ss and it was loud. I haven't heard a BTL yet. Don't listen to people that say JL subs can't get loud, because they're ignorant as fuck.