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  1. BanginGMC

    need some help/advice

    Put that shit in the center console
  2. BanginGMC

    sundown lincoln

    Good shit Jon!
  3. BanginGMC

    06 Lincoln Navigator- RF & some 18s

    Dust caps look legit, all the other dust caps are played out.
  4. BanginGMC

    sub and port position

    Sub up, port back 5" away from back door
  5. BanginGMC

    BanginGMC's Build Log | The Rebuild

    Round Two..
  6. BanginGMC

    Team Second Skin - Looking For Members!

    The team as it stands is small, so doing this contest will give everyone across the country a fair chance to become part of the team. Of course we have final say and we may invite some people onboard just because. But allowing the forum members (your peers) vote on who they would like to see at these meets and competitions helps give us a good a bit more info about the individual. Obviously if the person is an asshat none of their peers will vote them through. Every team starts out small, and if the people were hand picked by the team members it'd make that individual feel like he's actually apart of the team. I guess it boils down to what you want out of the team.. a bunch of walking/driving billboards to promote your company or an actual team that gets together and helps each other out. As easy as it is to join a team when it comes to things like this make me laugh. If I were to start a team, lets say for customs trucks.. I would go to shows and appreciate the work and time the fabricator has put into his/her truck and go on about how I would like them to join to my team. I wouldn't go on stage before awards are givin' out and ask the people at the show who they would like to see on my team. Don't take this the wrong way, make the team how you'd like it to be made.. after all, it is your team.
  7. BanginGMC

    Got a new toy today

    3M makes an easy kit to restore the head light lenses, cheaply found at a local auto store.
  8. BanginGMC

    painting subwoofer basket

    I think the reason is he wants a different color. I would have mine painted ina heart beat if it wasn't as hard as it is to remove my subs.
  9. BanginGMC

    painting subwoofer basket

    Tape off what you don't want to be painted.
  10. BanginGMC

    '07 Silverado - Murder Murder Murder

    Aren't you going to bag the truck?
  11. BanginGMC

    '07 Silverado - Murder Murder Murder

    Not sure if i've asked this, or just thought it.. but what are you plannin' for air?
  12. BanginGMC

    *Pic inside* Ripped roof, help please

    Add a fuck ton of deadener. That's exactly what I didn't want to happen to my shit, so I added 8 layers to my 86 and it has held up so far. It's a good thing you have cheap easy fix paint.
  13. BanginGMC

    Team Second Skin - Looking For Members!

    You want forum members to pick who is on your team? I think the team should ask people to join the team, at least that's how it is when I go to truck/car shows.
  14. BanginGMC

    Looking to upgrade

    Dc Power, Is it possible to trade in my like new 320amp, and get a discount on a 390amp? Thanks, Domenico
  15. BanginGMC

    Bring back the life of the paint

    Go get a complete on the exterior. EX: wet sanding, buffed with high speed wheel, etc Father owned and ran detailing shop for 25+ years
  16. BanginGMC

    Looking to upgrade

    Okay, but I would like to continue on with this. I want the bracket and alt.
  17. BanginGMC

    2006 Buick Rendezvous 2 RF T3Ks and some hybrid 18s

    Man... it's going to be a bitch when we deaden that mother fucker lol http://www.sounddeadenershowdown.com/products/mlv That's the foam
  18. BanginGMC

    HDC3 15 ??

    If I built a system to be loud and I went with 1 15" Icon on 1k I would be disappointed. Everyone's version of loud is different, kind of a subjective word use to describe a sub. I'm sure people wont have a problem understanding what i'm getting at.
  19. BanginGMC

    HDC3 15 ??

    If I built a system to be loud and I went with 1 15" Icon on 1k I would be disappointed.
  20. BanginGMC

    HDC3 15 ??

    Personally, I wouldn't go with AQ. Sick truck BTW
  21. BanginGMC

    Looking to upgrade

  22. BanginGMC

    so im putting subs in my 1965 mustang....

    I think if you want a sound quality ride, then you need to be focusing on the front stage.