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    Stupid stinger volt meter problem please help

    If you hold the positive and rem wire to the positive on the battery then ground the volt meter it should turn on. It did for me.
  2. BanginGMC

    50% off Speaker Tweaker Kits!

    The rear projected sound waves can cause distortion or even acoustical cancellation, thus killing your SQ and overall sound. These pads are designed to absorb and reflect these rear projected sound waves, thus eliminating this issue. People have also used these in sub enclosures, though I'm not entirely sure how useful they are in that sort of install. Jon, What would be the difference between putting Damplifier Pro on the door compared to this speaker kit? Would any other products you have to offer help at all with distortion or even acoustical cancellation besides this speaker kit? If so why/how
  3. BanginGMC

    Orion hcca 12.2 amp decision

    and videos
  4. BanginGMC

    Chop"s 86' Cutlass

    Are those IROCs?
  5. BanginGMC

    TWO Different types of SOUND wtf?

    You can contact FI and get the sub reconed to a 15" driver, that's what I would do. IIRC its not a lot of money. What way is your sub and port facing? Have you tried folding the rear seats down? On a side note, when i'm on full tilt at a red light everybody seems to enjoy it watching my truck flex. Just depends on what side of town you're on
  6. I've never used bags on anything I've built. There just isn't anything cool about bags to me. I like the sound of a hydraulic pump spinning at 72-96 volts and the power/speed that comes with it. Good enough for me Keep up the good work bro
  7. BanginGMC

    Hummer H2 iPad2

    What year is that hummer? My 06 has a stock touch screen
  8. Are you juicing it because you want to keep the theme with the oldie or do you not like bags?
  9. BanginGMC

    saz 3000d power supply questions

    NIIIIICE!!! Thank you! You still getting a SMD?
  10. BanginGMC

    saz 3000d power supply questions

    Smart way to go about doing this is buy one battery at a time and see if you need more. I have (4) D3100, (1) D3400, and (1) DC 320amp with (2) SAZ-3500s. On full tilt i'm 13.5+
  11. BanginGMC

    SickNasty lil car build

    I seen your picture for a long time, i was wondering when i was going to run across more pictures. I love the paint, almost shit my pants when i seen what those fucks did to your car... man i would have FREAKED! When you get full coverage make sure they cover your paint, because i talked to some companies and they only cover so much, like with my truck.. i'm fucked because if i get hit they will only cover THAT panel.. no point in having chameleon paint if it doesn't flip together.
  12. BanginGMC

    '07 Silverado - Murder Murder Murder

    A system to me is a never ending money pit. I'd like to get everything else taken care of on the truck before I fool with that. Rims are a one time purchase Get the TRUCK done first, then move onto the system. Rims first.
  13. What about Ascendant Audio? http://www.ascendantaudio.com/chaos.php I'd go with a Chaos over a DCON.
  14. BanginGMC

    tequila besides patron anejo?

  15. BanginGMC

    A Suburban A Warhorse and a pair of Double Dees

    o_o Oh my, thanks. Plexi? I phucking love plexi! Sounds like someone's puttin' the pressure on to go for broke. More peer pressure! Stay tuned fellas. I'll get this bish tuned right then I tidy things up a bit. You know plexi would be insane! "If you aren't broke, your system isn't done!"
  16. BanginGMC

    my new wallpaper

    Wheres the love for the mini truckers?
  17. If all of this is over whelming set the gain to 4v
  18. BanginGMC


    You said 2 sealed but that box looks ported.
  19. BanginGMC

    would 3 15bl fully loaded do a hair trick

    No because a school buss has a lot of space inside it so it'd be hard to do a hair trick in one. Also, I'd imagine it'd be hard to fit a chick inside a box to do the hair trick, but you can try..
  20. BanginGMC

    Where are you DC power guys?

  21. BanginGMC

    Where are you DC power guys?

    I called, they answered, I paid, they sent, I installed. Also keep in mind, 90% of the people that had amazing experiences with DC Power don't make a thread about it!!
  22. BanginGMC

    Sundown SA-10 Bandpass Box

    Very nice.
  23. What is the gain set at? You saying you cranked it up and that you are still learning about car audio worries me. Also, what is the preout voltage on the head unit?
  24. BanginGMC

    '07 Silverado - Murder Murder Murder

    I'm loving this truck, how do you like the head unit? I don't know how emissions is in your state, but when I took the cats of my dodge ram it helped me with getting loud.. if that's something youre interested in.
  25. You aren't even seeing 3k from that amp, voltage isn't high enough.