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    FI t shirts and hoodies?

    I like my things baggy, not like "ghetto" baggy though lol at champs the regular t's i get an XL but does FI size go wide and short? id hate to get it and it look like it should fit a short fat midget.
  2. BanginGMC

    whats your 9 to 5?

    I install Turf, for those who dont know what that is.. its the "fake grass" on football field. I also turf homes (backyards and frontyards) ive done personal putting greens. Ive installed the football field for the Toronto Argonauts in Canada, ive worked on the Detroit Lions as well. I installed football (sports) fields for MANY Colleges and Highschools, i've been to almost every state. My hours are (seasonal) waking up at 6 in the morning start work at 7 and end at 10 11 and sometimes 12 at night. 7 days a week untill the season is over, which takes months.. I get time and a half and double time after 40 hours a week. I probably did your highschool
  3. BanginGMC

    Your Favorite show off Songs!

    E40 - Break Ya Ankles Gucci Mane - Photo Shoot New Boyz - Youre A Jerk Trae - In The Hood Master P - Pass Me Da Green The Game - Fresh 83 E40 - Im Da Man Gorilla Zoe - Jockin' GORILLA ZOE - LIL SHAWTY***** OJ Da Juiceman - Make THE Trap Say Aye Snoop Dogg - Shut You Down
  4. I think it'll be okay, like said before.. if its bad add another battery. I think you should do the BIG3 with or without voltage dropping. Good luck!
  5. BanginGMC

    How did you guys find SSA???

    From another forum