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  1. I haven't got time to start the wall yet, have had some family emergencies. Today i'm crunching down to knock a big part of my front stage done. I only have a couple hours a day to work on things.

    I've had a lot of bad luck with dash kits, I've already tried 3 and the either were missing the trim panel, trim panel didn't fit, or nothing fit. As of now, I have a dash kit in without the trim piece.

    So I scratched the RCAs my girl let me use and got some JL ones. They're better then the Kicker, but not my Stinger ones.



    I also got some Stinger wiring, this shit is legit. Even though, I've decided to go with 8 gauge for speaker wire.



    I've made a false floor as well, something the amps can rest on until the wall is built.

    I ended up using a much wider piece of wood.



    In this picture you can see where the assholes ripped my carpet.

    Template for mounting rings.


    Finally found a good application for Optima batts. ;)


    A couple random pictures of the truck.



    Something to keep the motivation going. Planning on getting these every show.


    Waiting for the glue to dry for these mounting rings then moving onto carpeting and installing.

  2. Kevin come on, I think most people know that you make a great sub at a great price. But designing amplifiers?

    If those amps of yours are protos, then I guess that this is just some amp that you built for another company first prior to releasing yours?


    I'm a bit confused by your post.. are you not aware that a lot of amps use the same board?

    Than what makes them different?

    Read post #46

  3. BanginGMC, way to be a dick for no reason.

    He's just a punk kid. His daddy should have slapped his mouth a little harder and taught him some manners. He talks shit daily on here. One day he will be gone. He's disposable, just like every other douche bag I seen.

    Your daddy should of slapped you and put some sense into you, who the fuck would wall an ss and defeat the whole purpose of the car. You talk shit to my boy ramrod like your better then him, like your ballin because you got a gay ss and a played out silverado. Sounds like you need to hop on the short buss yourself, if you play nice they can teach you how to build a better system.

  4. Why would you wall a car with t tops? Shit ain't even violent for 10k. LOL!

    he's only running the amp at 2 ohms douche... gettin like 6k....

    Who you callin a douche bitch your name is 10000 watts and your running two hifonics amps

  5. Damn you got new components quick! Looking forward to your build. If you don't mind me asking, why did you ever take it to the shop? It seems like you have the skill to do it all yourself.

    I didn't have to spare time to build the doors myself with work coming up. The first time I bring my truck to a shop to get something done everything gets jacked... :suicide-santa:

    Oh well though.. no sense dwelling on the past. I'm just waiting for the day I go to a show and see my equipment, it's a wrap. I'm taking the whole car lol

  6. The 16$ special from Wal-mart :)


    My girl is selling her car so I went out last night and removed the system for her and she let me have her power wire sense they stole mine, she also gave me a set of RCAs.


    My boy Justin (SuicideKing602) got me a wiring harness for my truck, so today i'm going to roll over to the shop n grab that up. Once I have that I can start installing this head unit, it'll be my first flip out so i'm pretty excited to see how it works out.