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  1. As some know my truck was broken into and everything but a bruised up box and frayed wire was stolen. The shop that it was at treated the truck like SHIT, there was over spray ALLLLL over along with scratches, scuffs, dents, popped tire, parts missing.. it was a fucking nightmare.

    All that is over now, and it's time to rebuild and restore.

    Cell phone pictures*

    I started with gutting the truck and vacuuming the carpet.



    Then I took a clay bar to the paint and got the green over spray off.


    Then continued on detailing the truck with my father, he owned a couple detailing shops for 30+ years.



    It came out pretty well too.





    Then I started to redo my door panels.





    Here is the equipment I have for the new front stage.

    SAX 100.4, SAX 125.2, Seas Prestige tweeters, Pioneer AVH-P5200BT, AA 7" Carbon Fiber Mids.






    Stay Tuned for More!!

  2. I made a thread about the second broken charger. It would say the battery is fully charged after seconds of being turned on. The first one was fucked up internally too, it would charge low as fuck and think it's fully charged.

    Honestly bro, if you don't mind waiting.. return the charger, get your 200 back n go get a regular charger from pep boys for 50 bucks thats what I did and I couldn't be happier.

  3. I bought a 100.4 & 125.2 days before the break in to go with my 100.4 that got stolen, well they came in the mail today so it inspired me to build door pods for the 4 AA mids that weren't with the other 4 that got stolen. I dont have any other equipment then whats listed in this post so I won't be able to hear them but it'll make me feel better having something in the truck.

    I should have a head unit in a couple days thanks to my girl, I might throw her icon in the truck too. She is selling her whip so the system is sitting.

  4. I put out an award around the town for whoever finds my shit. Theres a lot of people looking, chances are it's already in cali.

    But your right jon, if you put smds in your ride you will be noticed. Company slogan? Lol

    Thanks for the love everyone. I'll update after tomorrow when I talk to the owner, insurance adjuster and police

  5. Damn Bro that shit sucks.

    I hope you get some help. That shop is full of shit. I would bet but nuts there is insurance for the buildings contents. I would try to force their hand on that bullshit.

    That's what I'm saying I refuse to believe a custom shop with high dollar builds doesn't have insurance

  6. I do have the invoices, but the people who sent them didn't make a description.

    If I was aware that they didn't have insurance I wouldn't even considered going there.

    Monday I'm going out and getting a lawyer after I talk to the police, shop owner, and insurance adjuster.

  7. That blows! I hate thieves!

    Time to sue the shop. I don't know how they can't have insurance, most states require it for a business license.

    That's what i'm saying, how are you going to own a building that works on high class cars and you don't have liability insurance???