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  1. zaco2356

    SAX-100.4D question

    i was wondering what exacly is the total rms output of the 100.4?
  2. zaco2356

    sundown sax-100.4

    ok thanks, my prject consist in 4 - 8" midrange and 4-8" midbass but all then are 8ohm each so it was going to be 4 -8 in each bridge for a load of 2 ohm, i guess i have to find some midrange and midbass that are 4ohm each so i can put 2 in each channel for a load of 2 ohm each....thank quick answer
  3. zaco2356

    Drew up a little design for the E8's

    nice desing wish you the best with the project
  4. zaco2356

    Box for Z-12's

    nice box very well contructed, i think may work but with a bigger one and the port at least 4inche wide will work better
  5. zaco2356

    125.2 ?

    i think it put the same as 4ohm, i think the lower inpendace that the amp reads is 4ohm, soat 8ohm i think it will put the same power as 4ohm
  6. zaco2356

    Running saz-2000d at 1/2 ohm

    when i hit 147+ was with a spl enclosure just for spl not for daily use my box is tuned 50hz hit the 147 at tone 56hz, but before i got the 1500d i have a 1000d and at that time i have the same sub but the enclosure was made for daily used and i hit 143.2 with just a 1000d, keep working on your ride until you get the number you want
  7. zaco2356

    sundown sax-100.4

    ok, i want to try it but i don't want to damage the amp, i asking cause i know sundown is underrated and is capable of doing more that it said,...... has some use this amp in bridge mode at 2ohm ?
  8. zaco2356

    Running saz-2000d at 1/2 ohm

    i run my saz-1500d at 0.5ohm just a few time and it works just fine, now for spl is awsome with my 1500d i hit 147.2db with just 1 15", just go for it you will surprize with the huge power those amp put out at 0.5ohm
  9. zaco2356

    sundown sax-100.4

    can a sazx-100.4 handle 2 ohm on bridge mode?, if any one have try it before, let me know thanks
  10. zaco2356

    raising my db's

    well i got new result i make a doble baffler and the port bigger, it was 3" before and now is 4" i gain 0.7db more, my new # is 147.2db's .
  11. zaco2356

    raising my db's

    someone told me to make a 1.3 or 1.7cu/ft box , use 6" aero port and tuned to 62 or 63hz, and that wil gain me up abput 3+dbs, but i think 1.3 or 1.7 is to small and 62 or 63hz is to high but i don't know, right now my box is 3.5cu/ft tuned 50hz slotport and i hit 146.5db, i don't know what to do
  12. zaco2356

    installed my SAZ-1500. Wow!

    nice set up, i got the same amps that you do , with the 100.4 my components are screaming really hard and clear, and the 1500d that amp is great i'am using it at 0.5ohm daily use and recently hit 146.5db, "sundown rules"
  13. zaco2356

    raising my db's

    well this is my box chek it out the port do think if i make the hole bigger will help me out gain som db's?
  14. zaco2356

    raising my db's

    i was thinking of that making the port of the box bigger, now my box has a 3" port hole, making the port hole bigger will help me out?
  15. zaco2356

    raising my db's

    thanks man, if i do 147db i will be more than happy, well i will keep working on it until i see the # i want