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  1. Perfectly fine to use and will extend the life of the battery as well. There are a lot of tenders out there for under $100. Ctek and the Battery Tender lines are very good.
  2. Nathan@XSPower

    Slamology 2013 Homeowners Association Compaint

    Slamology is one of if not the biggest Mobile Audio/Car shows in the US. It is in the middle of Lucas Oil Raceway and the NHRA track. The track has been there for years and they have races there all the time. If you don't like the noise through out the summer, then probably a good idea to not live by a major race track in Indianapolis.
  3. Nathan@XSPower

    Slamology 2013 Homeowners Association Compaint

    Sounds like a Voicemail. Yeah we used the voicemail that was left.
  4. Nathan@XSPower

    Why is the XSP310-313 not on the SSA store?

    IF everything works out the way it is scheduled we should have them back in stock around the end of May. Again thats IF.
  5. Nathan@XSPower

    Dealer Give Away!!

    Check out the Facebook page for details!! Great way to give something back to the dealers. www.facebook.com/xspower
  6. Nathan@XSPower

    Just hit 8K!

    Thanks! Get in on the give away! https://www.facebook.com/xspower
  7. Nathan@XSPower

    5100r installation help

    580 or 586
  8. Nathan@XSPower

    Battery setup help needed

    If you are running two Group 34 red tops, then I would get them checked. 3600 watts with a 270amp alternator should not be dropping below mid 12V range at the most with the vehicle running. Lets say you are only getting 180amps at idle. That would put you with about a 230amp pull over what your alternator is putting out at idle. 230amps divided between the batteries is only 115amps of pull each battery. This is considering you are getting all of the power out of your amps, and you are not seeing any more than 180amp from the alternator. I would check the batteries and all of your wiring. 2 D3400 should work fine with that alt on 3600watts.
  9. Nathan@XSPower

    New Site

    Check out the new site with the new additions. http://4xspower.com/ Still more to come, but its off to a good start.
  10. Nathan@XSPower

    A Big Hit To Competition Mobile Audio!!! Pipo Sanchez Reti

    Yeah can't wait to get him in a couple booths. They always seem to get louder when they are not competiting any more. I guess there is no need to sandbag any more........lol
  11. Nathan@XSPower

    Battery Ratings and Info

    This never got answered, and I've always wondered the same. After making the statement that the AH rating is useless, what should we be looking at to judge the power of a battery? Actually it has been answered more times than I care to remember............lol but just not on this forum I guess. The ratings you need to look at are not there. Plain and simple. I know that is not what you want to hear, but it is in the truth. There is no one rating that is recognized in the industry that really relates to mobile audio. CCA and CA doesn't relate because it takes the voltage down to low in the testing. AH and RC are low amperage pulls, which doesn't relate. There will probably never be a single rating you can look at to determine which battery is the best for mobile audio. So what is there to look for? Performance History, Company History, Battery Make Up, Battery Design, Customer Service, and the company and products track record. Sorry it is not easier, but that unfortunately is just the way it is.
  12. Nathan@XSPower

    2 XS batterys and 1 main car battery

    Hate to be in a wreck and the wreck cuts the power wire in the middle of the car.
  13. Nathan@XSPower

    XS Battery Tray 573

    Man from what I am being told we will have them in hand on Friday or Monday. After we get them they just have to go through a QA check and they should be shipping if all is good to go.