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  1. Hello, I haven't logged into this site in probably 6 years. Hello again. At any rate I recently acquired a new to me vehicle, a 2004.5 Chevy Silverado 2500HD Duramax. I haven't had any interest in car audio for a long time but I bought this truck and it has some odd Kenwood head unit and factory speakers which sound really bad, even by factory speaker standards. I planned on just getting a pair of speakers for the doors and calling it a day, while shopping I got the idea to do some other stuff with things I found in my garage. It won't be anything fancy but it will do the trick hopefully. I also don't want to spend very much money. The truck came with a Kenwood CD player with a USB port so that will probably be good enough for me. I just got some Rockford 6.75" coaxials for the doors, a JBL A5001, everything else will be sourced from my garage. I have 2 Sundown e8v2's that I got off the preorder when they were just coming out, I originally bought them for my truck at the time, which is about 4 trucks ago. One is still in the box, the other one I opened the box to look at it and now it's dusty and looks like garabage. I'm no carpenter and I think making a box to fit under the rear seat will be way beyond my skill set so I'm going to use a crusty old prefab under the seat sealed enclosure that I got somewhere along the way and it's been sitting in my garage as well. It won't be cool, have particularly good sound quality or get all that loud but it should be much better than I've had in 6-7 years so I'm pretty excited about it. I'm hoping to get the door speakers in tomorrow and maybe get the rest done this weekend. I'll post pics for everyone to laugh at as I go.
  2. shakes

    !!! Sundown SA-8 v.2 PRE-ORDER !!!

    The money and time invested in developing a high quality sub is a lot. Jacob has to make a living.
  3. shakes

    Jacob, need some insight.

    I'm ready, just waiting on a company to make me a dual alt bracket. I called Jacob and he gave me some advice, so time to get tweekin' Try calling a chassis fabrication shop in your area. I know the chassis shop that did the roll cage in my car has made some custom alternator brackets for other people.
  4. shakes

    Sundown X-8 Work in Progress

    The way it looks the SA-8 was a huge hit and with other 8's coming out I'm sure it says something for how well ridiculous 8's sell.
  5. shakes

    My 500HP V6

    That trap is a bit high for the ET. What are your short times? What tires were on the rear and what do you have for rear suspension? One of my employees has a Limited T that's pretty damn nice.
  6. shakes

    Looking for a new car

    Mazdaspeed 3's are really coming down in price, they handle great and are pretty quick from the factory, my buddy has one, made 260hp to the tire with a K&N air intake.
  7. shakes


    Very sorry to hear.
  8. shakes

    Sundown X-8 Work in Progress

    I am currently using only the edge of my seat.
  9. Yeah, but 5v preouts are more or less a marketing gimmick.
  10. shakes

    Sundown X-8 Work in Progress

    This sub is relevant to my interests.
  11. shakes

    Sundown E8 v.2 Pre-Order

    Pre sale still open?
  12. I do like the prices and features on those Pioneers. Only problem is I'd kind of like to have a remote. haha, I've become used to being lazy.
  13. It crossed my mind, but I'm not too worried, it's not a daily driver, I'll be using it to tow cars for work and to tow my car to the track. It's a 1 ton extended van so it's pretty high up for someone to just look right in and not exactly first on a thief's list to check out. I'll look into the JVC, the USB port being taken up doesn't bother me, I don't have an iPod.
  14. Maybe I'm old fashioned but I own a lot of CD's. I don't think that would be the right one for me. Thanks though, any other suggestions?
  15. I recently purchased a new tow vehicle and I'd like to put some variation of sound in it. It has a double din dash so I figure I'd go with a double din head unit. I'm really not sure exactly what options I want besides 3 sets 4v preouts, USB and most likely blue tooth, I'd like to spend under $300 if possible but I'm not completely against spending more. Pretty vague I know, just looking for people's experience and what not.