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  1. Well robotunderground emailed me back an said $25 to do it.
  2. Ok ask them and see what they say. The sub is assembled an weighs around 12-18lbs I think so not sure if it would fit in the metal tray but see what they say. Like I said no one has emailed me back.
  3. Then I assume that all subwoofer manufactures here in the states that build there subs here all have a magnetizer/charger? I've seen very few video's of some being done like EMF and there used to be a video around that showed the big ass magnetizer from the original Tc Sounds years ago with Thilo Stompler standing beside it but it was sold at the auction. Someone said to email robot underground an they could do it. We shall see. I emailed several manufactures an not one has returned an email yet.
  4. Looking for a company to get a 12"sub magnetized. Purchased a Orion xtrpro around 4 years ago an the magnet somehow never got magnetized.
  5. jj1479

    Sundown : Reference SQ Component Set

    Haven't bin around lately but what's up with these? Are they on hold for now? Checked your website and only component set is the sa series?
  6. jj1479

    C2 Audio Threatcon-4 Subs

    If I remember correctly Its bin awhile but FI used a 4" coil in there bl series for awhile and pretty sure it wasn't rated over 1500 watts. They didn't seem like it was a waste to use it.
  7. jj1479

    C2 Audio Threatcon-4 Subs

    FS:35.7HZ VAS:28.8682 L QES:.4082 QMS:2.2965 QTS:.3466 MMS:239.1952G BL:22.9272 SENS:87.0965DB http://www.c2audio.com/C2Audio-12-Threatcon-4-Woofer
  8. Just checking to see if anyone had any experance with C2 audio's line of subs? I just Purchased a pair of there Threatcon-4 dual 2ohm subs for what I think was cheap ($199 each shipped) and they seem to be well built. But there is limited videos and user info on them. They say they handle 1500 rms and have a 4" coil. They are a brick and morter store in ohio so Hopefully they will hold there own and someone can chim in that has used them. Tried to post t/s parameters but the picture with the white backround doesn't come out readable.
  9. Its a maybe. A member has sent me money towards it and was going to send me the rest but haven't heard from him for over a month. Won't return emails and his cell# doesn't work.
  10. Price drop. Amp $600 Subs $575 + Shipping
  11. Ok guys I Have my whole system for sale. Units are Sundown Auio 3500d works perfectly BUT one of the speaker screws is stripped but as I see its a common problem. unit comes with remote an box. Next is 2-15" Ascendant Audio Mayhem Dual 2ohm subs. one sub has 2 small 1/4" rip/tear on the top of the spider, left/right hand side they were bought like that from a fellow ssa member (mac an cheese) ands I seen a post awhile back about more subs that came with same problem. also for sale is 2 Kinetik HC2400 batteries and a Alpine INA-W900 dd indash dvd,gps unit. And lastly a Brand NEW never used Mechman alternator for a 2009 Ford Escape xlt V6 3.0. stuff is also on ebay for sale so first come fist serve. Also a piece of 3/4" plexi cncd with AA logo Sundown amp. $650 AA subs. $650 Kinetik batteries. $300 Alpine INA-W900.$500 Mechman Alt. $350 AA cncd plexi.$100 Buyer to pay shipping. Selling as I just purchased a New 2013 VW Jetta TDI and don't want to rip it apart yet..
  12. jj1479

    Your order # and when shipped

    So what happened to Shawn?