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  1. I'm looking for a sub to go with my amp its a da7232 old school. Last time I used it was on a nightshade 12 v2. The setup wasn't optimal so I'm not sure on its performance. The amp is dual mono 2 ohm. Suppose to put out around 1k per channel not bridgable obviously. It will be going in the back of a suburban behind the 3rd row. So I have a decent amount of space but not unlimited. Any suggestions will be appreciated.
  2. quiet

    Sundown X-6.5SW Video and Pictures

    any update on these?
  3. Yes that is fine. When you are ready to purchase please e-mail me at aaronsnay@yahoo.com

  4. I'm not sure how long Jacob warranties his amps for. You would have to check with Sundown on that one. I puchased the amp on Febuary 21st 2010.

  5. I could do $150 and you cover the cost of shipping. I orginally paid $200 brand new and never used it so I can't see losing more than $50 on something I never used. Thats the best I'll do.

  6. quiet

    Nightshade v.2 12 arrived!!

    sorry guys ive been slacking pretty bad on the vids. I gotta pull my seat out to adjust the amp properly, then I will get right on it. dvalue if you are ever in the lafayette area Im sure we could meet up, I go to BR every now and then I can send you a message if I know when I'll be headed that way again.
  7. Like the title says, my Nightshade v.2 12 D1 has showed up(fedex saturday delivery ftw). All I can say is wow, the wickedest sub I've ever seen! The comparison pics vs the SA-8 will show how big(61lbs to be exact) these subs really are. Hopefully the 1500d is up to the task, if not I guess Ill be upgrading my sundown arsenal somemore. Here are a few pics, I will post some initial install and testing impressions later.
  8. quiet

    slave amp require remote turn on?

    how are the gain and xover set when having amps strapped? do both amps get set the same or does the slave use the same settings as the master?
  9. quiet

    Nightshade v.2 12 arrived!!

    forgot the cutout, but its the same as any 12 with the 12 spoke basket NS v1 etc. mounting depth is 9.25 if i remeber right
  10. quiet

    Nightshade v.2 12 arrived!!

    negative on the wall socket, ill leave that one for someone else to do. I modded the 2.0ft^3 box I had for my 2 8's and put it in the truck, I can say its definetly louder than 2 of the 8s with the same settings on the amp. I will try and get a vid up later today and get the amp set properly.
  11. quiet

    Building a Nightshade v.2 Production Unit

    nice pics, can wait to see mine in person!
  12. quiet

    Nightshade v.2 Production Motor

    Sent the moneys for a NS v.2 12 today, cant wait for it to show up
  13. quiet

    Info on 50.4

    I had one one in my 06 silverado, I just replaced it yesterday with the 100.4. Both are great amps, I just wanted more power for my components. I love the xover flexibility it works great with my head unit for a active setup.
  14. quiet

    Sundown SA-8 Pre-Sale

    My repair was successful
  15. quiet

    Quiet's 06 Chevy Build log

    thanks m5. That makes alot more sense than anything I have read. I guess I'll be making an order of mlv soon.
  16. quiet

    Quiet's 06 Chevy Build log

    Im still new to the forum, but I decided I would post a build log of my truck. The Truck: 2006 Schevy Silverado 1500 Extended Cab, 5.3 2wd. As it sits the truck is stock, when things start coming in I will start the install. Hopefully I will start with the deadening and running all the wires. Almost current pic, before clearing the headlights and tinting the windows They components being used: Head Unit: Kenwood DDX 812 Mid Amp: Sundown SAX50.4 Sub Amp: Sundown SAZ1500D Subs: Sundown SA-8 (2) Mids: Hertz HSK165 Deadner: Raamat and Ensolite Progress: 2/19 Started on fiberglassing the floor of the box, its going to be hard to squeeze out the airspace I need. My goal is to have 2.0ft^3 so I think Im going to jack the seat up 1-2" and that will help. I plan have box sides front and top made of mdf with just the floor being fiberglass. I also plan on facing the 8's foward and the ports forward unless that is a bad idea, any opinions would be nice. Taped up First layer of mat Right now the truck is running with the heater on high to cure the glass and that seems to be working really well. Also this is my first time doing a project like this with fiberglass so any suggestions would be highly appreciated.
  17. quiet

    Quiet's 06 Chevy Build log

    checked with Jacob and he said to use loctite 5 min epoxy from lowes. I applied it an hour or so ago, I will let it cure overnight and see what it does tommorow. If it just comes off again I maybe going bigger, Im thinking maybe a Z v2 or a Nightshade v2 either would be in the 10 or 12 inch variety.
  18. quiet

    Sundown SA-8 Pre-Sale

    what did you use?
  19. quiet

    Quiet's 06 Chevy Build log

    yea I should have been a little more cautious. Im going to see what jacob says about gluing it back.
  20. quiet

    Sundown SA-8 Pre-Sale

    Im guessing I just reglue it? what kind of glue, also what should i do about the hole I put in the surround?
  21. quiet

    Quiet's 06 Chevy Build log

    Finished up on my sound deadening today, floor and rear doors. I didnt do the firewall because I ran out of sheets but I think I am going to order some more to finish it completely. I also did a little on the box after I reinstalled the interior. Im going to glass the bottom I made earlier to the top I made today. Also have some bad news, I killed one of the 8's today. The spider is no longer attached to the basket, other than that it seems fine tho. heres what It looks like. Oh sorry for the huge pics my photobucket is not resizing like it did in the past.
  22. quiet

    Sundown SA-8 Pre-Sale

    Killed one of mine today. Heard a rattle took it out and found this. Not sure what Im going to do with it. I dont know if jacob has recone's for them yet and if its worth the price of 2 way shipping and the recone. What do you guys think I should do?
  23. quiet

    sa8/sa10/sa12 comparrison

    alright i want to add to this. I want to know if both speakers(2 sa-8s or 2 sa-10s or sa-12s) in optimal ported enclosures both tune to 33hz which would have more output? both would be run in the same setup, 1500d 145amp stock alt with big 3.
  24. quiet

    Sundown SA-8 Pre-Sale

    Damn I was expecting a little higher than that. Im not sure what it is set to, but when I get back I'll make sure its atleast under 100hz. Also does it usually sound better if your midbass is crossed higher, lower, or equal to the sub?
  25. quiet

    93 Fleetwood Caddy build.

    That does look really good actually, and its nice to see you did the trunk side too. Its the little details that really make a build like this come together.