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  1. heckvr4

    Big Secret?

    hell yeah ! i want 4 18's please .... wheres my team fi application ?
  2. heckvr4

    Funky pup??

    theres usually some floating on ebay.. i bougth a pair just to get the dust caps. i gained like 100dbz ftw
  3. heckvr4

    SA-8 ~ Crazy Long Port

    nice ! amazing work
  4. heckvr4

    warden's on sale too?

    LOL, oh well... got me some RD SUPA heavyweigths... ($)
  5. heckvr4

    warden's on sale too?

    hey i was wondering if the warden subs were on sale too ?... i want 4 of them
  6. Are the 18'' warden's on sale too? any special pricing if i get 4 ?
  7. heckvr4

    rival904s walkthrough build.

    nice man , thanks for the motivation... that looks like a LOT OF WORK ! what are your goals with this setup ?
  8. heckvr4

    rival904s walkthrough build.

    thanks bud! i also have the dcpower dual alt bracket, but i need MOAR ALTS.... ill be giving mechman a call tomorow, how much u paid for the bracket/ alts...?...pm me if u want btw, POST THE VIDEOS MAN !!
  9. heckvr4

    rival904s walkthrough build.

    rivalllllllllllllll !!! where u at man ?
  10. heckvr4

    rival904s walkthrough build.

    damn ! pm me where to get that double alt bracket please !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. heckvr4

    4 SA-15/SAZ3500d Walled GMC Sierra

    what are you tunning that wall to ?
  12. heckvr4

    DROP IN TEST DD vs. Fi

    post them up !
  13. heckvr4

    Testing a Decaf'd song

    so relaxxxing..........