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    Upgrading till one day I do a 150 on music!
  1. mads10bass

    Dbl Bellys S10 Build.

    looking good you gunna make it to taylor on the 16th?
  2. mads10bass

    TeamRamRods SSA JIMMY Build Log

    Looking good man cant wait to hear this ish soon maybe we all meet up and have a demo session?
  3. mads10bass

    Dbl Bellys S10 Build.

    check all the box the port and stuff could have come loose. did you free air it to see if it made the noise then?
  4. mads10bass

    BIG BASS BLAZER build log

    I wanna go hook 2 of the 4 12s up now but debating. And the alt is great for the money but my car sucks at idle no matter what I do.
  5. mads10bass

    BIG BASS BLAZER build log

    Ok here they are. my port came out WAY to small. I also have to go pick up my subs tomorrow from the post office. The hc1800 all in and some of the wire ran. The 2" hole in my fire wall with 3 of the 4 runs. 3 of my 4 spv70s all wired up. One of my many helpers All 4 runs and my batteries all wired up. All the old crap out. All finished up and big 3 done. Not bad but I need to zip tie em all up.
  6. mads10bass

    BIG BASS BLAZER build log

    I got all 4 runs front to back. Got the hc1800 to fit and all hooked up, working on the big 3. I also have to go pick up 2 sheets of wood tomorrow to build my box, amprack and battery box. O and I forgot my camera cord at my house.
  7. mads10bass

    Hove's Rebuild!

    yo man where the box and vids be at? or am i gunna have to come down to the d and help you out?
  8. mads10bass

    Dbl Bellys S10 Build.

    im gunna pm you i got some questions.
  9. mads10bass

    Dbl Bellys S10 Build.

    wow man thats nice. i didnt notice all that flex when i seen it. i was to focused on your damn door handle falling out. nice 2channel amp btw
  10. mads10bass

    BIG BASS BLAZER build log

    Ok all my watchers I sold the xfl and am going to try my hand at some sundown audio sa12s. I found about 10 or 15 sq ft of dynamat extreme under my couch and am going to be using it on my roof. I am going to be building a box, installing all my wire, and deadening my roof this weekend so watch out for some pics and maybe a video or 2. O and before I forget I will still be in ssnw along with trying my hand at bassrace 139.9
  11. mads10bass

    dodge magnum

    It is ok but the rims set this car off! Jk willie the beats look sick also.
  12. mads10bass

    picking an amp

    lol that made me laugh
  13. mads10bass


    Ive seen alot of these cars do bigger #s. Sealing off the trunk is what i see alot with a big external aero.
  14. mads10bass

    6.5 budget speakers

    The best ones ive heard are some oxygen 6.5 pros and my buddy 46panels rf p1 series 6.5s on a mb 4125.
  15. mads10bass

    picking an amp

    I agree with the aq 2200d my buddy has his on a fi btl 18 and it hasnt failed him yet. They are very nice looking amps also.