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  1. nick9892

    15" SSA Xcon D1

    Messaged you on this
  2. To everyone on here, I apologize for not replying to messages about my amp that was for sale, as of now I still have it but If i do decide to sell it i will repost it.

  3. nick9892

    Digital Designs Headphones

    OP look up audio technica, better than sennheiser imo and will on bose.
  4. nick9892

    battery problem

    if you only knew the whole thing. Hey OP all it takes to find ALOT of these answers is alittle reading. Just search around SSA...instead of us spoon feeding this to you, you can provide yourself the answer and in return learn more. Not gonna ask about that.... Hows the new setup going for ya?
  5. nick9892

    battery problem

    LOL being on little hard on OP....
  6. nick9892

    Any Huskies Here?

    Sterling Heights Macomb community college
  7. nick9892

    SSA Welcomes DC Power Engineering!

    Forum Member Discount prices anyone? Lol jp,
  8. So in the pic it is really a complete shadow. I ended up pulling out my fuses, picked up some new ones, put them in, hooked the amp back up and shes running perfect .
  9. No one mentioned the ssd yet. I'll chime in on it, my buddy had 15 ssd running at around 700 watts in a 4.x cb ft box. It was a great sub for the price. It's really an entry level sub that will get the job done in a proper install. And fully loaded can take almost double the rms daily (clean power) if you ever wanna increase your power... Good luck
  10. nick9892

    Noon question

    The fuse has been out since this morning. Took pliers to actually get it removed. When it was removed it(metal piece) cracked so I believe i cracked it when i removed it. I'm not sure whether it was blown or not. Guess we'll see when i get a new fuse in their.
  11. nick9892

    Noon question

    Yea but would it work for 3 months properly then just blow randomly?
  12. nick9892

    Noon question

    I'm just wondering if I could blow a fuse on my amp by turning it on and off through my headunit. I myself have never heard of this to cause a fuse to blow on an amp before.