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  1. pdubb

    p dubb's log

    just got the SAX-200.4
  2. pdubb

    New system build. Need help!

    great!! I actually have an m500 just sitting in my room right now lol should I get the dual 2 or dual 4 ohm? you would need a dual 4 ohm sub for that application
  3. pdubb

    New system build. Need help!

    SA-12 is a great choice of sub for the price, i loved the pair i had. the only reason im not using them is im upgrading to 8 SA-15s I Say SA-12 on an alpine m500 or a Sundonw SAZ-1000 / 12000 ran at 2 ohms, for a super clean signal good luck
  4. pdubb

    3 sa-10s on a saz3000d

    really like the custom pc. also im glad to see SA's doin work, FTW. have you put this on a meter?
  5. i say 1.6-2 dB, you will hear a difference also, its your daily driver. if you know your system you'll hear it. i say do it and also add 3 more batts.
  6. pdubb

    15" Q True RMS

    BTL or BL, IMO i'd go for the BTL, but you can do THE 2,200 RMS on the BL if you play within your hz range and not get too carried away with the bass knob, if you hear bottoming out or other mechanical sounds youre gonna
  7. pdubb

    SA-8 in a 2007 Mini Cooper S!

    well then i think the .65 cube box after displacement would be a good fit
  8. nice work. more power would be even better got any #s yet?
  9. pdubb

    Walling the Accord

    well then, what is your price range? and are you planning on further upgrading your electrical system?
  10. pdubb

    Jonathan's 1994 Camry Wagon build. | Video(s) on page 22!

    theres a few Sundown 2000d's floating around on the For Sale Section, take a look
  11. solid choice of amps. and generally, if youre goin to run RMS or about RMS you need to go with suggested box specs. if you goin to run less then a bigger box is needed, if youre going to run more than a slightly smaller box is needed so you dont free air the sub
  12. pdubb

    Next Year Blowthrough Build

    i likeee. and you should think about maybe 4 2500d's or 2 4500d's
  13. pdubb

    Mrs. BanginGMCs Hair Trick

    veddddy nice. always good to bass ball
  14. pdubb

    SA-8 in a 2007 Mini Cooper S!

    depends on the power you're going to run it at
  15. pdubb

    p dubb's log

    should be real tight...
  16. pdubb

    p dubb's log

    rebuild time 8 SA-15s and 2 SAZ-4500d's 4th order clammy 5 C & D batts, plus 2 kinetik 2400s All Shok Industries wiring, 50' spools for pos and neg runs as most know, SA-15s and the previously ordered 200.4 are not even in the country yet. but i'll have pics asap they get here goin for 140+
  17. good luck sellin that for 99
  18. pdubb

    BEST SHOW EVER!!! Videos Inside!!!!!&#

    LOVED all these vids. keep up the good work twisted. makes me so jealous that i don't have bass now that im doin my rebuild
  19. pdubb

    Sundown SA-15 Pre-Order

    real excited for these, 8 of them will be a nice addition to my jeep
  20. pdubb

    97 Honda Civic Hatch

    You gotta compromise, do you wanna look cool to your friends or have some space. No they wont have the same output since the cone area on an 18" is more than a 12" but they do have the same motors. Either go with a 12" BTL and if its not loud enough and you dont car about space then recone it to an 18". or go with the 12" and upgrade your power....
  21. pdubb

    18" subaru outback build

    ya I will probably go with carpet and yes, I will most definitely be tinting the windows. Thanks for your input! carpet takes off deee beeez
  22. pdubb

    2 sa-12s daily on a saz-3000@.5

    dope build
  23. pdubb

    600w FCON Prototype

    3" coil, nice cool beans
  24. pdubb


    try it, check your voltage drop and then decide. if you drop below 13 v then i wouldnt recommend it at all until you get the H/O