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  1. 8 15's + 2 4500d's? yes.

  2. pdubb


    welcome to the internet. hope this proves your point.
  3. i had a 9887 for like 7 months, and about midway through that period my "bass" option on the HU disappeared, resetting it didn't do anything. this isn't a solution to your problem at all, but i was just letting you know you're not the only one with a strange encounter with that HU
  4. pdubb

    BTL on two 4500D?

    that would be too easy and would not require a thead.
  5. pdubb

    My new amp arrived!

    hell yea man
  6. what's your highest score in AS2?? i would be there in that class, but i've got homecoming
  7. pdubb

    Which Sub fellas?

    hell yea, SA-12 on that amp. i've got 1200+ going to each of mine right now.
  8. pdubb

    BanginGMC's Build Log | The Rebuild

    bus bar could clean things up a little bit, but nice build, glad you got it done. should be able to play some lows. this looks like a decaf only vehicle haha
  9. pdubb

    p dubb's log

    kinetik sent me some stuff to rep at states last weekend. got pics of my comps and other goodies in here along with stickers etc. etc. also at MECA's virginia state finals i put up a 144.9 on just 1 70 amp fuse with the car off. pretty stoked on that. won states.
  10. pdubb

    p dubb's log

    it damn well might be! haha only a 3.7 v6 in there. but in other news my 2 sets of comps are here. CDT Audio COM-626's also i pre ordered a Sundown SAX-200.4 for these. both sets going up front. they should scream i'll post pics of the comps and my new box tomorrow
  11. pdubb

    Now Playing!

    Where are you listening to that from? Get the DL of it? Amazon doesnt have the DL yet... limewire.... it's off the "I am not a human being" album
  12. pdubb

    Wall Enclosure

    i've also got a wall build planned this winter with some SA-15s yours sounds good though
  13. pdubb

    Recommendations for new 10's

    im for the SA-10s they can produce lots of good sounding bass and can take a lot of power.
  14. pdubb

    Sundown September Sales / Pre-Orders !

    depends on the type of components you have
  15. pdubb

    Pics from jay-z & eminem concert

    looks like a hell of a good time. jealous
  16. SAX-200.4 pre ordered!

  17. pdubb

    Need some advice on next sub set-up

    i like the NS V.3 10"s on 2 saz3ks
  18. pdubb

    Now Playing!

    bill gates - lil wayne i like it.
  19. i personally love kenwood excelon HUs. higher the pre amp voltate the better IMO
  20. pdubb

    Mark LaFountain's SPL Build *Vid3 p.15*

    well congrats on 150+ What did it peak at ? 51-52hz?
  21. pdubb

    Mark LaFountain's SPL Build *Vid3 p.15*

    so what kinda numbers did it do?
  22. pdubb

    Don't you just hate local SPL comps?

    that's why i only got to sanctioned SPL comps
  23. pdubb

    Since everyone seems to want Neo...

    mmmmmmmmm SPL