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  1. pdubb

    Fi BL 12 help. (Vid)

    ebay's got them for like 2o bucks
  2. pdubb

    Practicality of using one amp per VC?

    it'd be better to strap the amps if possible
  3. pdubb

    Company Car

    s10 extreme
  4. going to be a badass build with a badass truck SOOOOO tuned in!
  5. pdubb

    True rms handling of a bl 12?

    yeah what he said. i'd burp one at 4k though. it'd be ok haha
  6. feeling some upgrades....

  7. pdubb

    name some good sets of comps

    http://www.vertexaudio.com/store/pc/CDT-Audio-COM-626-COX-622-Front-Rear-Package-34p174.htm just bought 2 sets of these.
  8. pdubb

    4x SA-12s : 149.9 Bass Racer

    doin big things as always
  9. pdubb

    15" Xcon in a ported box

    box looks real nice. im glad your happy with it
  10. pdubb

    Sundown September Sales / Pre-Orders !

    i just bought some comps i'll be using on this amp. stoked for it! it'll be funny that i'll have more watts going to my front stage than most of my friends subs
  11. pdubb

    p dubb's log

    got the kinetik hc2400 to fit under the hood. another one is on the way!
  12. tuned too high for what?????? numbers? yes, numbers. or he might not even be playing at his peak when he got this number....... there isn't enough info here, im just poking for answers
  13. what's your voltage? maybe you're tuned too high? Where is the meter at when you're getting 145.2 dB?
  14. pdubb

    jay-cee's Build Log

    im excited for ya boss
  15. pdubb

    Parody vid! lols

    Vid my friends made of me without me knowing. my friend "seth" is playin as me. little slow but it gets funny.
  16. pdubb

    jay-cee's Build Log

    looks good man
  17. go big or go home haha but i agree, quality battery(s)
  18. pdubb

    Mac N Cheese's build log

    i like all your work, mac
  19. pdubb

    Basebalz13 Door panels

    like all the hard work brotha
  20. pdubb

    Pics from my trip to import alliance

    so much rice
  21. pdubb

    Electrical needed for SAZ-3500D

    btw, just got my 3500 and i love it