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  1. pdubb

    Electrical needed for SAZ-3500D

    im pretty sure sundown recommends a d3100 and a h/o alt of at least 200 amps for one 3500
  2. pdubb

    p dubb's log

    honestly, my voltage is fine i've got a hc1800 and 2400. i dont go around bumping all the time. only during demos and such. most of the time i listen to country music and dont even have the bass on.
  3. pdubb

    p dubb's log

    got the sundown gear. got some pics. gonna run .5 ohm daily due to box rise. FYI the box the subs are in is over a cube too small and tuned too high. my new box is being built and im not playing them until i get the box. these numbers are just from a day of testing. straight out of the box. got the new ones with the magnet cover saz 3500d now lives underneath the floor. WOO on music at 52 hz
  4. pdubb

    Ulrisa's Volvo S40 Build

    good lookin box. nice build man
  5. pdubb

    New vide...Pretty good :)

    good setup. nice vid. SA's doin work!
  6. pdubb

    My Sa-12 testing session

    haha yeah it sure was. I get my SA-12s tomorrow. Very excited for them. You did a good job with that video and testing. Plus if you think about it that SA isn't in its optimal enclosure, 2.7 cubes is definitely a BTL enclosure, in fact my old BTL was in 2.7 cubes. It might top off at around 1500 watts because it begins to free air in the large enclosure....but thats just my .02 good job and thanks again for this post.
  7. pdubb

    2 12" Nightshade V.2s SAZ3000d @ .5ohm

    good stuff man.
  8. pdubb

    Hair trick questions...

    blondes, or girls with really fine hair, not like thick or full if that makes sense.
  9. pdubb

    Is something wrong with 15 ssd?

    you've also got some dimming issues too. haha Good luck with this problem....
  10. pdubb


    that sounds delicious
  11. pdubb

    My Sa-12 testing session

    good stuff man! this deff interests me because im pickin up 2 SA-12s and a 3500d this weekend!
  12. SO excited for the new Sundown system.

  13. pdubb

    I want to get metered.

    talk to theFlorida SPL guys
  14. pdubb

    Death penalty box

    NO need to use 2 posts for the same topic.
  15. pdubb

    p dubb's log

    thats why i said .5 competiton. 2 ohm daily of course......
  16. pdubb

    p dubb's log

    they can take it.
  17. pdubb

    p dubb's log

    8" aero tuned uhhhh Higher! We're goin for SPL over here Yeah, Im expecting a big gain with the subs and new amp, since i'll be .5 ohm in competition i'll be doubling my power. We're doing a drop in test next thursday so we'll be able to see what the type r's do and what the SA-12s do in the exact same conditions to see how much actual gain there is.
  18. pdubb

    p dubb's log

    I'm sure this will make a lot of people happy. But i've gone Sundown; got 2 SA-12s coming along with a 3500d pics ASAP
  19. i use the PAC LC-1 bass knob because i'm overpowering my subs that i have now and if i play them turned up too long they'll blow
  20. pdubb

    BL or Q

    IMO, BL's
  21. pdubb

    Cone surface or power ?

    power always
  22. pdubb

    p dubb's log

    well I and the Meter like the subs up
  23. pdubb

    p dubb's log

    here's an update. had some computer issues so I haven't posted anything really in the past few weeks. Did a false floor, and i think it turned out pretty good.
  24. pdubb

    p dubb's log

    soooo. i dropped down to AS2 and did a 143.7 at the headrest on music w/ the car turned off in a box that's not meant for my vehicle. right now i'm the loudest in virginia in AS2 and I'm trying to get enough points to go to MECA world finals
  25. pdubb

    Comp box for 2 15" type r's

    the 15"s are 750 rms and 2000 max...idk how much gain sundown amps have going from 1 ohm down to a .5 ohm now that im thinking about it, i might just recone my 12" btl to a 15" dual 1s and run it at 2 ohm daily and 0.5 ohm in competition do you guys think the 15" btl on about a 4k burp would be louder than 2 type r 15"s on a 3-3.5k burp.....both in the optimal SPL box