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  1. Planing on tuning it to almost 42 hz. This will be a competition box for my 04 jeep liberty. Subs up port back left. My question is what type of sq foot should i use for this box. Alpine's site says use around 2.5^2 per sub in a ported enclosure. Also if it matters im planning on running these off of a Sundown SAZ 2500d
  2. pdubb

    Comp box for 2 15" type r's

    i think im going to get dual 2's and run 2 ohm daily and .5 ohm on a burp, and a saz 3000d
  3. pdubb

    Comp box for 2 15" type r's

    i still want some what of a daily system. i was thinking the box idea sounded good. but i would probably do dual 4s wired down to 1 ohm, instead of doing dual 2's wired to .5 ohm....or do you think i could get away with .5 ohm daily
  4. pdubb

    2006 chevy silverado crew cab, cut cab

    ideas about what?
  5. pdubb

    Comp box for 2 15" type r's

    ugh typo, yea i want cubic feet haha
  6. if you're looking for more bass then i'd look other places before i looked into buying a EQ. first of all i'd look into a HU that's easier for you to understand with more pre amp volts or possibly a line driver, a stronger signal will help out all aspects of your system. i love kenwood HU's i believe they're the best out there
  7. hah nice hope you had a good one
  8. pdubb

    Comp box for 2 15" type r's

    fixed at 2.5 cubes per?
  9. pdubb

    small ssd build log

    good looking truck. good lookin box. what amp?
  10. pdubb

    144.8 db-------on music

    yeah man, get you some more deadener and see what it does then, i know they'll be improvements
  11. pdubb

    SAZ-2500D Pre-Sale OPEN

    damn, guess imma have to wait till this guy goes on regular sale, i really want one for when i do my re build
  12. pdubb

    2 12" Havocs, Sealed or Ported?

    ported ftw
  13. pdubb

    shakes' suburban, two z15's and an alpine mrp-m2000

    damn, that's a shame to let those babies go unheard i'd like to hear what it does on a meter, i asked because i have a m2000 now and im looking to upgrade my subs this winter after the 2010 season is over
  14. pdubb

    what to buy first?!?

    0 g big 3 and batteries first i'd go with sundown on your amp but AQ is a good company also
  15. pdubb

    shakes' suburban, two z15's and an alpine mrp-m2000

    whats the specs on the box? and have you put this thing on a TL?
  16. pdubb

    p dubb's log

    got some updates... got alpine type r 6.5 components for up front type r coxails for the rear also went to my first MECA event this past weekend. Competed in AS3, which means car turned off, put up a 143.4 at the headrest building a new box this weekend, subs up port back to the right
  17. pdubb

    144.8 db-------on music

    yeah, the mic placement would be good to know.
  18. pdubb

    Good Beginner Setup

    when going that big for your first setup, for the love of god make sure you're voltage is high enough to run that kind of power or else all that expensive gear will just believe me, i know
  19. pdubb

    Look what USPS gave me!

    dude, just screw it down in your box. i bet it'd be okay
  20. pdubb

    p dubb's log

    got some new paint. couldn't help but do it in my signature black with red splatter, and with a little twist in the port. SILVER
  21. pdubb

    p dubb's log

    except they're louder
  22. pdubb

    going from a true trunk.. to a SUV

    i agree for daily......but i've got my box tuned in the mid 41s right now and it's gettin loud as hell -p pup
  23. pdubb

    p dubb's log

    180 + shippinggggg
  24. pdubb

    p dubb's log

    180 + shippinggggg